Busoga University Drags NCHE To Court


Weeks after the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) withdrew the education license from Busoga University; the latter has rushed to the Constitutional Court seeking orders to reverse the revocation.

NCHE  in December  last year  issued a notice in the Uganda Gazette notifying the general public
that it was revoking the provisional license  it granted  Busoga University  in 1998.

The University’s Vice Chancellor Prof. David Lameck Kibiyo contends that this was contrary to the rules of natural justice as NCHE since the University was never accorded an opportunity to defend itself.

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The University is also seeking  lifting of the ban imposed to it by NCHE from further admitting more students, order saying it violates its  right to  carry out  lawful trade and compete in business.

In the said notice , medicine NCHE accuses Busoga University of failing to adhere to the Universities and Other Tertiary Intuitions Act including failing to appoint a University Bursar, recruiting a number of unqualified academic staff, accumulated debts and graduation of unqualified students.

The responds who include NCHE and the Attorney General as set to be summoned to give their defense.


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