Busoga Feud as Kyabazinga is Appointed Ambassador

Kyabazinga was appointed the ambassador on special duties in the office of the president.

The appointment of the Kyabazinga of Busoga William Nadiope Gabula by President Yoweri Museveni to serve as an ambassador has attracted mixed reactions from his subjects with majority threatening to petition to the appointing authority rejecting the offer.

In the reshuffle and appointment of ambassadors announced on Friday by the senior presidential press secretary Don Wanyama, sales the Kyabazinga was appointed the ambassador on special duties in the office of the president.

But the news caught like burning fire in Busoga with subjects contending that the Kyabazinga can never be employed by anyone other than his subjects working tirelessly to serve him.

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“The appointment of the Kyabazinga undermines our cultural institution because we are supposed to work for the king but when he becomes an ambassador, it automatically means that he will be working and reporting to someone,” said a one Martin Kigozi.

“It can’t be because he should work towards ensuring development of his kingdom Busoga which is the poorest in Uganda,” he added.

The NRM chairman in Iganga district Abubaker Walubi is equally disgraced with the appointment and rushed to Facebook where he posted;

“Bakulu baiffe, Baniina baiffe mutuyambe ekitibwa kya Busoga kisigalewo” a Lusoga dialect literally meaning, our elders should help us to save and uphold the dignity and integrity of Busoga.

Godfrey Naluswa asked the president to apologize to Busoga for undermining the integrity of the institution and the King, saying the gesture indicates that the president does not recognize him as a king.

Ali Stephen Mukwaya, a senior teacher at Holy Cross Lake View SS told ChimpReports that he was greatly disappointed with the appointment of the Kyabazinga to positions reserved for political failures for inducement and empathy.

“I knew ambassadors were picked from political failures as a way of consoling them and besides our president has been calling upon cultural leaders to desist from politics. Does this mean that the Kyabazinga was assessed and seen as able to balance politicking and cultural duties in Busoga?”

However, the kingdom spokesperson and minister for information Andrew Ntange has responded to the public outcry saying the president has found substance in the Kyabazinga.

“It’s true our Kyabazinga has been found very valuable not only in Busoga but Uganda and beyond and president has asked to work with him which he accepted, good enough our king will be working from within and will directly report to the president” Ntange said.


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