Busoga Diocese Embarks on Construction of Bishop’s Palace

Busoga Diocese Bishop, Paul Samson Naimanhye (R) leading service on Christmas day

Busoga Diocese Bishop has unleashed a plan for the construction of a Bishop’s palace starting next year 2017.

Bishop Paul Moses Naimanhye who is close to one year since his consecration and enthronement on January 24th 2016 says that his first task was to fast track the inauguration of central Busoga Diocese
before embarking on another project.

“I found the programme of inaugurating central Busoga Diocese under-way and I have been working hard to ensure it ends successfully, viagra order I am here to share the joy with the retired Bishop Dr Kyomya who is
here with us that in November, physician the diocese was inaugurated and a pioneer bishop installed, ” Bishop Naimanhye said.

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He was on Sunday leading the Christmas prayers at Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe, the headquarters of Busoga Diocese.

He said; “now that the programme of Central Busoga is over, our next target and programme we
should all pray for and support generously is the construction of the Bishop’s palace.”

Richard Gulume Balyainho, the chairperson for the construction of the Bishop’s palace says the architectural plan is already out and engineers from Busoga are analyzing and quantifying whatever is
required to have the palace erected in less than two years.

“We shall need not less than one billion to build the palace that will include, guest rooms for the Bishop’s visitors, a parking yard, an orchard, a chapel and a decent house befitting a Bishop among others,” Gulume said.

According to Mr Gulume who is also the RDC for Butaleja District, some individuals have already committed themselves to supplying materials and equipment needed for the success of the project.

44 years since, its established with retired Bishop Cyprian Bamwoze, in august 1972, Busoga Diocese has never had a Bishop’s house other than renting houses for Bishops though the current one declined the
offer of leaving in a rented house and opted to stay in his private home at Buwekula, about 8 Km from Bugembe cathedral.

The service was also attended by the Kyabazinga of Busoga William Nadiope Gabula IV whom through his Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muvawala pledged to support the project with undisclosed contribution.

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