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Businessman Arrested With 80 Stolen Phones

Asuman Bukenya at Bweyogerere police
Asuman Bukenya at Bweyogerere police

Police have arrested a Nsambya based businessman, who was found with dozens of stolen mobile phones.

Asuman Bukenya aged 23, a shop owner in Nsambya – Kevina was arrested on Wednesday evening by police with 80 phones he is believed to have stolen.

Kirimu Magidu, the OC Station Bweyogere  Police said Bukenya was captured after police received several complaints by area residents about their phones being snatched and stolen from their windows by some youths, which prompted a police operation.

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The phones he said were found hidden in Bukenya’s house.

The suspect is currently detained at Bweyogerere police station.

Bukenya however, denied the accusations and said his friend he only identified as Robert always brought him the phones to keep them.

Magidu said Bukenya has been detained under file SD Ref 35/10/9/2017 as investigations carry on.


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