Bushenyi Locals March Against MPs’ Tax Exemption

Members of the Ankole Civil Association Forum on Friday morning held a procession around Ishaka town in Bushenyi calling for members of parliament to pay taxes like any other Ugandan.

The group led by executive director Apollo Kakonge mobilized people in Ishaka municipality to stand against MP’s efforts to amend the Income Tax Bill to block taxation of their allowances.

The amended bill was passed by parliamentarians and sent to president Museveni on three occasions he has refused to sign it and sent it back to the parliament.

During the demonstration in Ishaka, mind the Ankole Civil Association Forum programme coordinator Elly Muhwezi Elly dismissed the MPs’ assertions that they have so many responsibilities back in their constituencies, noting that they are still the most highly paid group in the country.

The forum rallied the people of Bushenyi to write to the president not to sign the bill.

The locals were also asked to send text messages to their MPs and compel them to reconsider the bill.


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