Bushenyi Cooperatives Tipped on Leadership

Mr.Chris Ibyisintabyo handing over T-shirts to representatives of SACCOS and Co-operatives in Bushenyi greater during the meeting on Thursday in Bushenyi town on Thursday

Cooperative Unions in Bushenyi greater sub-region have been asked to counter poor governance and leadership issues in their day to day activities if they are to fulfill their intended cause.

The call was on Thursday made by Mr. Chris Ibyisintabyo, illness the field director of the Development Economic Strengthening Intervention for Group Production (DESIGN), medications a USAID funded program while speaking at a one day meeting of cooperative unions in Bushenyi greater held at multipurpose hall in Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality.

The meeting was seeking to revive operations of the greater Bushenyi cooperative unions.

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Mr. Ibyisintabyo said that some people selected to carry out leadership in cooperatives assume all powers and use the assumed powers to influence daily activities of the cooperatives thus creating problems yet in cooperatives people are supposed to all contribute towards success.

“Some of you leaders don’t want to leave power in your societies. You think you are part and parcel of the group and without you operations can’t move. Minus that, you want to create more power centers in the group and this brings disunity leading to the sharp disagreements. Whether you started the cooperative or not, you must serve your term of office and hand over to other people,” said Mr. Ibyisintabyo

He urged cooperatives to put more effort in supporting management and strengthen it if they are to be meaningful saying that there has been lack of trust among members and between members and their leadership leading to the collapse of most cooperatives.

“See how you can address inadequate knowledge on cooperative laws and regulations, let committees do their work and focus on providing services desired by the members. That is the biggest role of cooperative leadership,” he said

The Bushenyi district commercial officer, Mr. David Byamukama also asked cooperatives to enhance loyalty of members through aggressive training and providing tangible benefits in order to keep people together for development.

The meeting was organized by Global communities, an international non-profit organization that works aiming at engaging communities to bring about sustainable changes that improve the lives and livelihoods of the vulnerable in more than 20 countries worldwide.

It was attended by about 150 representatives of cooperative unions and SACCOs from greater Bushenyi districts of Bushenyi, Mitooma, Buhweju, Sheema and Rubirizi who shared experiences on how to run their cooperatives in respective areas.


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