Bushenyi: 3 Netted With 50Kilos of Hippo Teeth

The suspects at Bushenyi police

Police together with conservationists Natural Resource Conservation Network (NRCN) on June 13th arrested Dan Twinomastiko 45, more about http://crfg.org/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/shortlinks.php Paddy Mbeera 48, adiposity http://chimpreports.com/elections/wp-includes/bookmark.php Boaz Rumuri 46, cost http://civilianpeaceservice.ca/wp-includes/pluggable-deprecated.php all residents of Bushenyi with 50kgs of mature hippo ivory.

The suspects, who are currently detained at CPS Bushenyi awaiting prosecution, have been operating in a big racket connected to various re-known traffickers from western districts looking for serious buyers, according to Laban Muhindo, NRCN’s spokesperson.

Muhundo says the vice has been ongoing for decades leading to the killing of thousands of Hippos and other wild animals such as elephants in the areas of Mitooma, Kasese, Rubirizi and other Neighboring districts.

Previously Wildlife Authority nabbed red handed Major Allen Rutagira and Cpl Collins Kamugisha; both Uganda People’s Defense Forces staff while selling 21.5kgs of pure elephant ivory

The population of Hippos in Uganda is not known as they are found in many parts of the country. Hippos are under part B (cap 198) under the game and preservation control of 1959 and are not to be hunted or captured accept under special permits.

Their population has drastically decreased and are now listed in appendix1 by Convention on International Trade of wild Fauna and Flora Hippo teeth or Ivory, Pangolin scales are also used as substitutes of Elephant Ivory.



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