Burundian President Nkurunziza Overthrown by Army

Burundi president Pierre Nkurunziza

A coup d’ etat has been announced in neighboring Burundi against President Pierre Nkurunziza.

General Godefroid Niyombareh announced Wednesday afternoon that President Nkurunziza and his government have been dismissed.

The General issued a statement saying he is now in control of the government and Nkurunziza’s government has been dissolved.

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Godefroid Niyombareh further announced that a National Salvation Committee had been set up to run the country.

“The masses have decided to take into their own hands the destiny of the nation to remedy this unconstitutional environment into which Burundi has been plunged, ” Read part of the statement.

“The masses vigorously and tenaciously reject President Nkurunziza’s third term mandate in accordance with the constitution and the Arusha Accord. President Pierre Nkurunziza has been relieved of his duties. The government is overthrown.”

Reports from the capital Bujumbura indicates that soldiers had stationed themselves outside the state broadcaster.

The coupe was announced in the middle of an going crisis meeting between East African heads of state in Tanzanina over the growing unrest the covered the nation in the past weeks, where 20 people have lost lives and thousands displaced.

The President Nkurunziza, was reportedly in attendance.

Emerging reports show that wild celebrations have erupted on the streets as thousands celebrated the downfall of Pierre, who was forcefully seeking a third term, against the national constitution


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