Burkina Faso: Besigye Warns Museveni

Besigye addressing the press outside Kabale chief magistrates court on Monday (Photo: Moses Agaba)

Opposition ironman Col Kizza Besigye has warned President Museveni about the possibility of a possible violent regime change in Uganda as it happened in Burkina Faso last week.

“What happened in Burkina Faso and other countries will happen here in Uganda very soon, treatment approved http://cmareno.com/wp-includes/rest-api.php ” charged Besigye.

“The conditions in Uganda are ripe for change but a spark is missing.”

Besigye made the remarks on Monday while addressing journalists at the Kabale Chief Magistrates Court where he attended the hearing of a case in which he is accused of holding an illegal assembly in Kabale town under a banned pressure group, remedy http://coronaextra.com.au/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_gallery_display/class.displayed_gallery_source.php 4GC.

Besigye’s co-accused include Kawempe Division Mayor Mubarak Munyagwa, information pills http://catsa.mx/components/com_k2/templates/default/itemform.php Embattled Kampala Lord Mayor Elias Lukwago, Ingrid Kamateneti Turinawe, the chairperson of the FDC women League, Rukungiri Municipality MP Roland Mugume Kaginda and Imam Makumbi – the Democratic party chairperson for western Uganda.

The former presidential contestant said, “soon NRM regime will be defeated by citizens like we have seen elsewhere”.

Angered by plans to amend the constitution and extend his 27-year rule, the people of Burkina Faso last week toppled President Blaise Campaore.

The army is now under pressure to give power back to civilians.

However, government officials have rubbished claims of a possible revolution in Uganda.

Presidential aide in charge of research and information, Morrison Rwakakamba says, “Uganda has got one of the highest concentrations of democracy in Africa.”

“Like the President said on BBC, this is not a monarchy. The most important thing we should do is to ensure power is in the hands of the people,” he added.

Lukwago also told press in Kampala that, “people should chase Museveni because he has no plans to leave power alive. President Museveni’s center cannot hold together; he is going to make many mistakes. Unemployment and poverty levels are tormenting Ugandans at expense of one man who is living larger than life. This is the time, to have Museveni go like others elsewhere.”

Asked to comment on the court case, Besigye said since the 2011 general elections he has been imprisoned over 40 times.

“All the cases have all been dismissed by the magistrates before I can defend myself, including the ones that I was accused of raping a woman and terrorism. In all these cases I have not failed to go to court but in the end I win them without even defending myself,” he boasted.

Besigye said Uganda’s political problems stem from poor governance and lack of a transition of power for the last 27 years.

He revealed that he was one of the founders of UPM “when Museveni had no people to support him as many Ugandan were for UPC and DP. But I and a few others supported him when he had nothing as it was us who were giving him. When he decided to go to the bush we went with him.”

Besigye said in 1981 he was arrested and detained at the Nile mansions.

“The people in that detention centre like Kabagiire who was a magistrate in Rukungiri and Rwancwende have never been seen again.”

On the arrest of his aide Sam Mugumya over alleged participation in subversive activities in DRC, Besigye said “I will comment when the right time comes.”

Dan Mugume


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