Bunyoro Queen Mother Urges Youth to Transform their Communities

Bunyoro Queen  Mother(omugo),  Margaret Karunga addressing graduands

President Museveni has said that Northern Uganda region owes him for fighting tooth and nail to chase away the Lord’s Resistance Army insurgents and ushering in peace in the area.

Addressing supporters at Pabbo Catholic Mission, abortion more about Pabbo sub-county in Amuru district on Friday afternoon, medical Museveni said he was always perturbed whenever he thought of the rebels who were disturbing peace in the area adding that he can now rest after fighting the insurgents.

“I am now happy to speak to Acholi which is peaceful. In fact, I have seen a lot of agriculture going on wherever I have passed which is a good gesture, “Museveni said.

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He jokingly added, “You should now be the ones campaigning for me in other parts of the country and preaching the gospel of peace that I brought to this area. I should not be canvasing for votes any more but just tell the Electoral Commission that the people of Pabbo are going to look for votes on my behalf.”

The President noted that northern Uganda had become unmanageable but said that the NRM party was able to defy the odds and fight the insurgents subsequently ushering in a period of relative peace as enjoyed by other  parts of the country.

“This was not by accident that we were able to manage the area and the country at large but because of our principles.”

Preaches Unity

Museveni urged the people of Pabbo to always embrace unity as this would help the area develop adding that it was through unity that the people from northern Uganda were harbored when their area was being ravaged by war.

“Unity is a fundamental belief of the NRM that we have cherished since we came to power. You should all embrace it.”

Bwola dancers entertain the crowds

Bwola dancers entertain the crowds during the campaign rally

He urged the people of Pabbo to turn the development in form of infrastructure like roads and electricity into wealth as it would be meaningless being with good infrastructure but still in abject poverty.

“When I bought the land that houses my farm in Kisozi in 1967, it was only bushes but I set my farm as I could not wait for development in form of roads and electricity. I didn’t wait to first have development before wealth. By the time development came, I was already earning some money, “Museveni said.

The president urged the people to engage in modernized agriculture   as one of the ways to  fight poverty as well as have some food at the end of the day.
Bunyoro Queen Mother, order Omugo Margaret Karunga Adyeeri has urged youths to use their skills to develop and transform rural communities.

The Queen mother said this during the first graduation ceremony of African Rural University [ARU] in Kibaale District.

She urged the graduands to keep Bunyoro cultural values and pass them on to the coming generation

33 students were on Friday awarded with degrees and diplomas from the all female academic institution.

The function was presided over by the University Chancellor, Justice Ezekiel Muhanguzi,

Muhanguzi, urged graduands to demonstrate their skills to the world.

He noted that Women are nurturers, budget managers, health practitioners, and planners at house hold level.

Muhanguzi, who also launched the ARU Alumni Association, urged pioneers to spearhead the association and be an example to other female students.

ARU is the first all women’s University in Africa. It was founded by Uganda Rural Development and training Programme [URDT].


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