Bunyoro King Downplays Government Progress on HIV Fight  

Bunyoro Kitara King, online Solomon Iguru Gafabusa has said accused government of not doing enough to eliminate the HIV/AIDS in the country.

Despite initial advancements in the early 2000s that earned the country international repute in the fight against the epidemic, here the King was concerned that the national prevalence has since shot up again, search to over 7%.

In his speech read by the kingdom Prime Minister, Norman Lukumu, during the annual review stakeholders meeting on Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission-PMTCT at the Kingdom Rukurato Hall in Hoima town on Thursday, the Gafabusa challenged stakeholders to mobilize the public to embrace the voluntary testing and counseling to know their status and if positive, enroll early on treatment.

He further challenged pregnant women to visit health centers for antenatal and HIV testing as one way protecting their new born babies from being infected with the virus.

Denis Bagumiza the project Coordinator Reproductive Health Uganda said that HIV/AIDS prevalence, in Hoima is at 7.8% compared to the national rate that stands at 7.3%.


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