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Bullets as Thugs Rob Cash in City

Aaron Kigenyi(L) and Gideon Ndabirese who were in the vehicle.
VICTIMS: Aaron Kigenyi (L) and Gideon Ndabirese who were in the vehicle.

Thugs on Wednesday fired bullets as they robbed Shs. 40 million from mobile agents in Bugolobi, Industrial Area, in Kampala.

The incident that happened at around 3pm this afternoon left one person injured after being hit by pieces of a car windscreen.

The victim is Aaron Kigenyi, the driver of a Toyota Hiace that was transporting the money belonging to PMTS Company Limited, an agent of Airtel Uganda.

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The bullet hole at the front windscreen of the vehicle.

The bullet hole in the van’s windscreen

He says the armed thugs riding on a motorcycle cornered them near Nice House of Plastics in Bugolobi.

“They shot in the front windscreen of the vehicle forcing me to stop,” Kigenyi told Chimpreports at his hospital bed at Kiswa Health Center.

“They hurriedly opened the doors pointing the gun at me and asked my colleague (Gideon Ndabiresi) to give them the money we had or they’d shoot us dead.”

Kigenyi who had collected close to Shs 50 million from 9 mobile money points belonging to the company and was going to deposit it at Standard Chartered Bank, Bugolobi branch says the thugs took off with the money that had been stuffed in a laptop bag.

Jinja Road DPC Moses Elliau at the crime scene

Jinja Road DPC Moses Elliau at the crime scene

“I got out of the vehicle terrified and asked bodaboda riders to rush me to a nearby health facility,” he narrated.

According to eyewitnesses, they called police after hearing gunshots that they mistook to be fired by a security officer who had gone berserk.

By the time police arrived, the thugs had taken off with their loot.

In a manner that raises questions, the other occupant of the Toyota Hiace was able to drive the vehicle and deposit the remaining Shs9 million that had been put in a separate box.

The Jinja road DPC Moses Elliau confirmed the incident and noted that investigations into the matter have started.

The incident will also raise concerns towards security organs especially police and their ability to protect citizens considering the robbery happened in broad day light in the city.


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