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Bukenya Returns Forms to Stand on TDA Ticket

Bukenya addressing the media in Kampala recently (Photo: Shawn Mubiru)

The Chief of Defence Forces of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces, diagnosis http://couponsavingfamily.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints.php Gen Edward Katumba Wamala has flown from Mogadishu to Nairobi to visit the soldiers who got injured in the September 1, salve 2015 attack at Janale, Somalia.

Gen Wamala commended the personnel of Karen Hospital for the quality care they are giving to the troops who got injured during the Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive device attack on the UPDF troops at their detachment.

“UPDF is humbled by the brotherly and professional care the government and people of Kenya have given to our troops who get injured in combat since we started operating under AMISOM,” Gen Wamala said, adding that this is a true manifestation of promotion of our common Pan African cause and the East African Spirit.

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Gen Wamala was on Thursday accompanied to the Hospital by Uganda’s Defence Attaché to Kenya,  Col Dominic Twesigomwe and Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) senior officers from the KDF headquarters.

Gen Wamala also thanked the UN and AMISOM for their quick response in evacuation, by air ambulance, of UPDF casualties from the battle field to Level II Hospital in Mogadishu and further to Nairobi.

AMISOM and UN evacuate the injured AMSIOM troops for quality treatment in Kenya.

The CDF who has been with the injured soldiers since yesterday (Thursday) evening, thanked the soldiers for their contribution to the Pan African struggle and wished them quick recovery.

“We feel for you our brothers as you are under this pain. Uganda is concerned about your wellbeing. You have shed blood for the good of humanity, something that will go into the books of History,” Gen Wamala talked to the injured.

He further informed the soldiers that the Parliament of Uganda, on September 3, 2015 showed great concern about their situation and sends them best of wishes.

Current status

Army spokesperson Maj Henry Obbo told ChimpReports on Friday that the injured soldiers are in a “steady condition although some are quite critical.”

The UPDF, said Obbo, however prays for the best for all the injured and wishes them a quick recovery.

“The next of kin of the injured soldiers have been informed but some injured prefer not to shock their relatives. Ten soldiers got significant injury during the attack,” he said.

“UPDF extends sincere appreciation to all Ugandans for the concern, comradeship and great love they have exhibited to their National Force, not only as a result of this attack, but all through the years. We remain committed to making noble contributions and implementing our mandate in the common interest of all Ugandans and for the good of all our brothers and sisters in the region and beyond.”
Former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya has returned nomination papers for aspirants to the position of TDA presidential flag bearer in the 2016 elections.

Bukenya also came with forms for members of Parliament that believe in the TDA’S vision of fielding joint candidates in the forthcoming polls.

“We believe in unity and TDA is the answer. That is why we are here to demonstrate our full support to TDA, order http://darkfey-temple.org/wp-includes/post-template.php ” said Bukenya at a press conference on Friday at TDA offices in Kampala.

“All the problems of Uganda will not be solved at once, advice http://cooperativenet.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/nextgen_gallery_display/class.displayed_gallery_trigger_manager.php even democracy will grow and no country in the world is at the same level of democracy. We therefore strongly believe that when we are in the next government we shall bring about many meaningful changes, http://clark-illustration.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-importer.php ” he added.

The deadline for returning forms is September 5 but TDA policy analyst Godber Tumushabe says the date can be adjusted.

Bukenya is the first presidential aspirant to return the forms the alliance that will later sit and choose its flag-bearer.

Bukenya's supporters at TDA offices in Kampala

Bukenya’s supporters at TDA offices in Kampala

Good governance 

The former Vice President said TDA envisages a government that will consider electoral reforms to facilitate free and fair elections; fight corruption and reduce public expenditure (number of MPs, number of districts and presidential advisors etc…) and increase productive expenditure.

He also clarified on his position in regard to the strategy opposition must adopt to challenge Museveni in 2016.

“I am not a believer in “no reforms, no participation in elections” because this is giving a silver plate to the current dictatorship to retain power. I will participate in the coming general elections to defeat this regime. Thereafter embark on genuine reforms,” said Bukenya.

“Do not take us for granted we mean what we say.”

Bukenya’s views deviate from Besigye’s position that electoral reforms must precede the 2016 elections.

Besigye said the timetable of the elections can change to accommodate the reforms.

Bukenya assured on gathering the required signature for his presidential nomination bid from 82 districts of Uganda in less than two weeks.

“But I will stand with the TDA procedures for concluding on a single presidential flag bearer and I will support whoever is concluded on. TDA must not delay and if it delays it will be its fault,” Bukenya advised.

On taking power, said Bukenya, “Tackling poverty is my priority number one,” adding, “The poor have been so abused and so exploited beyond reason by the government of today.”

Bukenya stressed that the poor are “handed money in bags instead of teaching them to look for their own money. These sharks don’t want to teach the poor “to fish” but want to give them fish making them beggars. This must change. Bukenya will teach you how to fish and eat fish whenever you want.”


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