Build More Jails: Besigye Tips Government After Gashumba Arrest

Dr Kizza Besigye addressing press earlier today

Following the arrest of Sisimuka Uganda’s Executive Director, store Frank Gashumba, viagra dosage FDC’s former party president, Dr. Kiiza Besigye has advised government to build more prisons since more Ugandans affirm to his victory in the recent presidential elections.

Police on Thursday arrested Gashumba and his home was searched on grounds that he declared Besigye as a winner of the 2016 Election polls as well as ridiculing the person of UCC Executive Director Godfrey Mutabazi.

“There is no need to arrest Gashumba,” said Besigye at the press meeting today. “Well, I was arrested for the same and I have said so even in court that I won the elections. If that’s the treason, they shouldn’t waste time investigating, I have been saying so that I won the elections and am happier if more people indeed affirm it.”

“Everywhere I have been going people have been affirming it saying this is our president so the regime should build more prisons because if whoever voted and believes that I won he’s going to be arrested and I don’t know whom they will remain with.”

Besigye reiterated that all this is all panic by the government, and warned that more people will have to be arrested.

“The regime is in panic as I have pointed out previously, I have advised the regime that rather than panic and causing more confusion and chaos they should come and we sit down and we talk in broad day light how to get out of this mess that they have created.”

“We must have an orderly transition from the Museveni regime and the sooner the process is undertaken, the better for our country.”


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