Buhweju RDC Bans Foreign Gold Miners

Buhweju  RDC Emmy Kateera Turyabagyenyi

The Buhweju Resident District Commissioner Emmy Katera Turyabagyenyi has banned foreign gold mining investors in Buhweju, medications who are said to be on the surge lately and deemed a hindrance to the locals.

The RDC sounded the ban while launching the Buhweju Artisanal Miners Association at Katenga Gold mines in Enganju Sub county Buhweju district yesterday.

Katera said there was fear that if allowed to expand gold mining ventures in the area, the foreign investors mainly of Chinese and Indian origin would displace the locals who have depended for decades on this business for their livelihoods.

The RDC further promised to invite the minister of Energy and Mineral development to the area so that people can be helped with advanced machines and technology to use in Gold mining.

The directive followed the call by the Buhweju Artisanal Miners Association Chairperson, Adrian Kizza who appealed to the government to protect them from the investors who chase them from the mines claiming that these locals have no licenses.

Meanwhile RDC Katera warned local miners against employing school children in the mines, as well as mothers with toddlers and endangering environment.


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