Broadcasters Warned on Promoting Herbal Medicine

Donna Asiimwe Kusemererwa

The National Drug Authoriy (NDA) has warned broadcasters to desist from advertising herbal medicines without approval from the regulatory body.

Donna Kusemererwa, the NDA secretary, also cautioned others who use social media, including Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter as well as print media to disseminate misleading herbal drug related information.

According to NDA, they have established that several media houses in Kampala are promoting unlawful and misleading advertisement of herbal medicines contrary to the National Drug Policy and Authority Act Cap 2016.

“Note that all drug related adverts shall not, through selection of testimonials or other evidence which is not representative of the products effectiveness, make exaggerated claims or claim that it possesses special properties or quality which cannot be established or substantiated; parading of patients and any form of act likely to violate patients’ right to privacy with or without consent is not acceptable,” reads a notice issued on Tuesday.

“Surveillance of media is continuing and the public is hereby encouraged to forward complaints related to irrational (herbal) drugs advertisement…” the notice adds.

However, the National Council of Traditional and Herbalists Association (NACOTHA), says traditional and herbal medicine is not yet legalized as medicine, hence NDA has no right to regulate it.

Adul –Karim Musaasizi, the NACOTHA secretary general, accused NDA of not collaborating with them.

“For us we are not advertising, we are educating the public on how to use the medicine,” Musaasizi said.


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