British Diplomat Accused of Road Rage

The car that Sam was driving

A complaint has been filed at the British High Commission in Kampala against one of the officials there, who is being accused of showing unbecoming behavior this morning while driving in one of the uptown city suburbs.

The official only identified as Sam is being accused of acting in a manner that is not diplomatic, during the morning rain that caused traffic jam in most parts of the city.

According to one Simon Kasyate, the diplomat was seen ‘honking, raving and raising his arms while hitting the steering wheel’ along Acacia Avenue in Kololo.

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Later on he also knocked the car in front of him and was confronted by Mr Kasyate and a number of bodaboda cyclists.

Kasyete has since written to the British High Commissioner to Uganda Mr. Peter West about the incident.

We reproduce the full complaint below.


Your Excellency Peter West,


I write to inform you of the undiplomatic behavior of one of your staff Sam, as I witnessed it this morning along Acacia Avenue in Kololo.

Sam, driving Toyota Land Cruiser Reg. No. CD 01 80 U, exhibited a disturbing road rage fete for several meters as viewed from my driving mirror and the noise from his incessant honking.

True the traffic was the usual bumper-to-bumper, exacerbated by the morning rain and the usual Boda Boda menace. But Sam, rather than exhibit calm and drive with dignity kept honking, raving and raising his arms while hitting the steering wheel. For a moment i thought he was having an animated conversation with someone in his car – he was alone. I began to worry from the Boda boads crisscrossing my path, the on-coming traffic and the menacing Sam behind me.

About 50 meters from the Mediterraneo Restaurant junction from where i first noticed his rather unusual behavior, I felt a bang to the rear of my car.

I stepped out to check the damage but also have a word with a man I thought needed to be told to be calm. What I witnessed was a behavior I least expected from a member of the distinguished diplomatic coups of the UK. He showed no remorse, and was condescending to say the least. I realized then that he didn’t deserve kind remarks from my end, I told him off in quite some uncharitable terms.

Sam’s behavior this morning falls far short of the basic decency and decorum of a diplomat, more so from the UK. I have since learnt that, that’s how he carries himself around; shouting at colleagues and generally disrespectful!

I was ashamed to confront a Diplomat with Sam’s attitude for i have a fair appreciation of what is expected of them. For Five illustrious years, i worked as Press and Information Officer at the EU Delegation in Kampala (a fact which when i told Sam about he retorted, “That’s why you were fired from the EU”. I invite him and anyone that cares to check with the Delegation, my record will debunk that).

I fear that if Sam continues to behave this way on Ugandan roads he may attract some grave bodily harm from an avoidable traffic accident or get beaten by irritated motorists and a cheering Boda Boda mob. In my case I had to restrain Some Boda Boda chaps who were beginning to gather.

While I remain angry at Sam’s conduct, I still feel he needs more of help than condemnation and that’s the reason I have written this mail to you. I also understand his tour of duty is soon coming to an end, but i don’t think his diplomatic career should end in disgrace as his conduct is inviting. You may wish to reign in on him before it’s too late.

Best regards,

Simon Kasyate




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