Bring Real Witnesses – Defense Challenges State in Kamoga Case

Amir Shk Yunus Kamoga greats his supporters at Court on Monday

Defense counsels in the matter where 14 people including head of Tabliq Muslims Sheikh Yunus Kamoga are accused of being behind the murder of Muslim clerics have asked court to pressurize the state prosecution to bring in court major witnesses in this matter before other witnesses

During yesterday’s session, ask the state produced its 18th witness, ailment a CID officer who investigated the alleged attempted murder of Sheikh Haruna Jemba in Wattuba Matuga.

The witness told court that on January 4, 2016, he went to supervise the crime scene at the Sheikhs’s house and collected exhibits including 9 cartridges and an SMG machine gun with 22 rounds of ammunitions which he handed over to the Investigating officers.

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It was from the CID’s evidence that one of the defense counsels Fred Muwema based on and asked court to order the prosecution to produce witnesses “with direct evidence pinning his clients because despite of the fact that many witnesses have testified a few have pinned directly”

However, lead judge Ezekiel Muhanguzi dismissed their concern saying prosecution has the prerogative to know which type of witnesses to begin with.

The three international Crimes Division court judges Ezekiel Muhanguzi, Jane Kiggundu and Percy Tuhaise adjourned the further hearing of the matter Hearing of the matter to today, 7th/December 2016.

The 14 accused persons are jointly charged with murder, Terrorism and attempted murder

Prosecution contends that the leader of Tabliq sect sheikh Mohammed Yunusu Kamoga with 13 others and others still at large between December 2013 and June 2014 at various places in Kampala with malice aforethought, unlawfully caused the death of two sheikhs Mustafah Bahiga and Hassan Kirya.


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