Brig. Balya Says Deployment to South Sudan Was Promotion

New Ambassador appointee to South Sudan Brig Ronnie Balya at Parliament

Parliament has Tuesday commenced vetting of the newly appointed ambassadors among who is former Coordinator of Intelligence, visit this Brig Ronnie Balya who was appointed Uganda’s ambassador to South Sudan.

After being vetted, Balya told media he was optimistic that Parliament will have him approved for the position, noting that he finds himself the best candidate for such a young nation.

“South Sudan is a young nation but very important to Uganda; it is a very big market to Uganda and a very strategic friend; so you must send there very determined carders,  tested and able to handle such challenges and threats in that area,” Balya said.

He added, “I worked in Northern Uganda for 5 years, working closely with those colleagues. From 1986 to 1990, I was in my early 20s by then and I was an intelligence commander working closely with the Sudanese, this is not my first time to interact with the Sudanese. We have been together at regional level at IGAD and at community level.”

Balya said once approved, he will put all his energies to improving diplomatic relations with South Sudan and work with the authorities to ensure the safety of Ugandans that work in South Sudan.

“I will work to resolve all boarder disputes along the South Sudan- Uganda boarder; we have been having boarder disputes at the boarder but we shall handle the matter in non-confrontational manner but use mechanism that is diplomatic.”

“I will also promote trade, investment; am very happy to handle that area.”

Asked to comment on claims by some sections of the public that his appointment is a demotion, Balya responded that, “I view this as a promotion because I am going to handle the challenge of ensuring restoration of peace in South Sudan working hand in hand with the nationals.”


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