Police Blocks Winnie Byanyima Outside Her Kasangati House

(Left) the police officer who blocked Winnie Byanyima from accessing her house

The wife of FDC’s Col Dr Kizza Besigye, MrsWinnie Byanyima has arrived in the country from the UK, but denied entry at her home.

Byanyima tweeted Friday evening that she was stopped outside at her house,  in Kasangati where Dr Besigye is being held under house arrest.

She said a police officer demanded that she opens her suitcase before being allowed inside. In the meantime a police vehicle parked across the entrance.

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“Here is President Museveni’s police denying me entry into my own home! Where is this country headed?” she tweeted pictures of the policemen who blocked her.

“Here is the arrogant security man telling me I won’t enter my home unless I open my bags to be checked!”

Police have this week redeployed at Besigye’s resident to prevent him from joining in the opposition party’s defiance campaign activities which were banned by court last week.


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