Museveni Summons Mbabazi at State House

Amama Mbabazi

Federation of Uganda Football Association, and [FUFA] has come out to clear the air on allegations by Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC) that the former had breached a contract by denying them rights to air live the Afcon 2017 qualifier between Uganda and Botswana.

According to Fufa through their spokesman Ahmed Hussein, the local football governing body has breached no contract and insists they (Fufa) had no such in existence for the said game.

“Fufa has not breached any contract. We only had such an agreement with Azam. We (Fufa) had a product (the match). They (UBC) should know Football is a business and we need money for it, ” Ahmed clarified to Chimpreports.

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UBC however, thinks otherwise and feels the matches should be free.

“All Ugandans have the right to watch their national team play, free of charge. We hope this doesn’t happen again. We are already getting tons of calls coming in; this is a disaster for us,” said Jane Kasumba who urged FUFA to learn to draw the line between business and patriotism.

The said match was aired by Azam TV and according to Fufa, the national broadcaster wanted it for free but they insist that UBC should sort out the issue with Azam.

“Azam had the rights for the game and i think it’s of best interest if UBC sought out themselves.” He added.

President Yoweri Museveni has summoned former Prime Minister Hon Amama Mbabazi at State House to answer to among others allegations regarding forgery and spread of hate propaganda.

The development comes only hours after Mbabazi declared his wish to stand against Museveni in the looming party primaries and later in the 2016 presidential elections.

Reports emerging from State House indicate the President Yoweri Museveni summoned Mbabazi together with his successor Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda.

According to the President’s Press Secretary Mrs Linda Nabusayi, no rx Museveni is expected to question Mbabazi on his role in circulating sectarian messages on social media.

Museveni over the weekend issued a statement revealing that a group of Ugandans had forged a letter in which they purported him [Museveni] as writing to the deceased Libyan President Muammar Gadaffi.

In the letter according to Museveni, information pills the forgers portrayed him as making seditious remarks about a certain sections of Ugandans particularly the Bakiga tribe.

Museveni angrily disowned the letter and informed that thanks to his intelligence team, some of the forgers had been arrested by police.

It now turns out that Mr Mbabazi is being named in this group according Museveni’s statement issued on Monday evening ahead of the State House meeting.

Mrs Nabusayi quoted the President as saying; “Since the name of Amama Mbabazi my young brother has been featuring, [in the forgery], I decided to invite him and Ruhakana Rugunda at 6pm today.”

She further tweeted at about 7PM that the meeting at State House was slated to start in an hour.

Regarding Mbabazi’s presidential bid, Museveni expressed his reservations stating that it was improper for him to make such an announcing when the Electrical Commission has not even announced the election.

Museveni said he had received the news while he traveled back from South Africa.

“But most importantly, is the substance of what Amama Mbabazi talked about [in his declaration]. He talked of working for everybody and that is what NRM has be doing. On restoring NRM and democratic principles, I salute Amama Mbabazi because he could not escape some of the facts such as increased prosperity, peace, intelligence and so on,” noted Museveni

The President however lashed out at his former premier’s remarks regarding government’s underachievement, noting that Mbabazi should not be the person to discredit the government he served for decades.

If there is anybody who can be questioned about this government’s weaknesses, Mr Mbabazi should answer,” said Museveni.

“He [Mbabazi] said that the country is tired..nursing a tired nation. Mbabazi has been at the center of our system has been in security, parliament, Secretary General of the party and Prime Minister. Monitoring govt systems is job of Prime Minister. Those positions one could use to monitor and rectify the wrongs.”



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