South Sudan

Riek Machar Arrives in South Sudan

South Sudan rebel leader, Riek Machar

Ministry of Foreign Affairs had said is closely monitoring the ongoing situation in South Africa where foreign nationals especially those of the African origin are being attacked.

About 5 people have been brutally murdered and thousands displaced by South African mobs, order accusing the foreigners of crippling their economy.

Spokesperson of the Foreign Affairs Ministry Mr Fred Opolot revealed in a statement that while a number of foreigners in South African had been reported affected, abortion no Uganda case had been singled out so far.

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He said, more about “Ministry of Foreign Affairs through its High Commission in Pretoria confirmed that none of these fatalities so far involved any Ugandan.”

The Ministry further advised Ugandans living in South Africa especially those in Durban and Johannesburg to exercise maximum caution and to keep in touch with the mission.

“The Government of South Africa, whilst condemning the attacks has given assurance that it is taking appropriate measures to restore the situation to normalcy,” noted Opolot.
A Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) soldier was wounded by Rwanda Defence Forces (RDF) as Congolese soldiers scampered for safety after clashing with the genocidal FDLR militia in the eastern part of the volatile but mineral-rich country on Wednesday.

A senior military official monitoring the operations of Rwanda and Congo armed forces’ operations along the border told ChimpReports on Friday the latest development points to possible collaboration between FARDC and FDLR.

It all started at around 18:00 hours with FARDC negotiating with a local FDLR commander to establish a position at Cyanzu and Runyoni (Rutshuru) where the FDLR already had several positions.

This followed rumors that RDF was infiltrating battle-hardened Special Forces to hunt down FDLR in the area.

“The FDLR refused to relocate from their positions to give way to FARDC and in the process they exchanged fire, generic ” the reliable source told this investigative website.

“Some FARDC elements ran in different directions scampering for safety. The FDLR were using heavy weapons to pursue FARDC before a section found itself near a RDF position called Matara in Kinigi (between Sabyinyo and Gahinga volcanoes), cheap ” he added.

“Exchange of fire ensued with RDF mistaking the fleeing FARDC for FDLR. One Congolese soldier was wounded in the process.”

The FARDC retreated very fast, leaving some equipment behind them.

The latest incident underlines Rwanda forces’ alertness at the border with Congo.

It also confirms widely circulating reports that FDLR has been positioning its fighters close to the border with Rwanda and that the militia works closely with FARDC.

The fighting further underscores the rising tensions between the two countries as Rwanda continues to struggle with the FDLR threat.

DRC information Minister Lambert Mende told BCC yesterday that RDF had crossed into the vast country, a move he described as an incursion.

Rwanda’s Envoy to United Nations, Olivier Nduhungirehe dismissed the charge as baloney.

Following the brief gunfire at the border, said impeccable sources, DRC deployed about 250 men of the FARDC 391 Battalion commando along the border in Kibumba and Ruhunda areas.

Rwanda also maintains heavily armed elite units on her side.

FDLR’s leaders and their foreign financiers are blamed for the 1994 genocide in which one million people mainly Tutsi were massacred.

They would later carry out atrocities in DRC.

They have since called for talks with President Paul Kagame’s government to share power, a proposal which Kigali has repeatedly thrown into the dustbin.

Rwanda Foreign Affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo recently said the country will maintain its preparedness to deal with FDLR “whether armed or unarmed.”
The South Sudan rebel movement, viagra SPLA-IO leader, Dr. Riek Machar landed in South Sudan on Thursday to meet with his generals who have been battling the national army SPLA under President Salva Kiir.

Dr. Machar arrived in Pagak, Upper Nile state from Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa where forces have been waiting for him for final consultations before the peace talk resumes.

The frontline generals and the supporters of SPLA-IO want to give their thoughts and advice to their leader on what should be accepted or not taken in the peace deal.

There has been a raging debate on whether Machar is still in control of his rebel commanders.

An intelligence report also indicated that there was a plan to remove Machar as leader of the armed rebellion.

SPLA-IO Spokesperson, Col. Lony T. Ngundeng told ChimpReports last week that the government in Juba is preparing a massive offensive against the rebel positions, taking advantage of the dry season.

“We shall not spare any one this time as long as they cross to our territory, we  will crush whoever on our land because we should not leave them to invade our  properties,” said Ngundeng.

“I am warning them not to make any advance even if it is one Kilometer, we shall not tolerate, we will definitely confront them without further delay within these coming 12 hours.”

Peace talks between rebels and government have flopped several times, with Machar insisting that Kiir quits presidency and face charges for war crimes.


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