BREAKING: Gunshots Resume in Gulu

Gunshots have resumed Monday evening in the northern town of Gulu, viagra buy sending locals into panic.

Our reporter Dickens Okello who is on the ground says about seven shots were heard at about 5 pm and that several residents were seen running for safety.

“People including women and children were seen running frantically after the shots were fired, treatment ” he said. “One was fired very close to my hotel.”

It’s still not clear who fired the shots and for what reason.

This comes only hours after the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura reassured the nation that the situation in Gulu had normalized.

The police force and the UPDF yesterday thwarted an attack by an armed group of people at Gulu Police Station.

Six riffles and hundreds of bullets were secured from the attackers, many of who escaped.

Details on this development will follow shortly.



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