Boda Cyclist Files Shs 170M Case Against Seya’s Friendship Cabs


William Kiwanuka, seek a Bodaboda cyclist in Kampala has dragged to court the famous City Green Cabs for allegedly knocking him down and causing him to lose his leg.

Kiwanuka contends that on the 1st/December /2016 he was riding on his Motorcycle Bajaj boxer  along Gaba road when he was knocked down by a Friendship cab whose number plates he doesn’t recall but it left one of his legs shuttered and had to be amputated

Kiwanuka is now demanding  a compensation of over 170 million shillings from Friendship Taxi (U) Ltd , information pills a company owned by former Kampala Mayor Nasser Ntege Ssebaggala (Seya) which runs a fleet of these taxis.

The money he says is compensation for his lost leg and destroyed motorcycle, sales stressing that the cab driver was reckless.

Friendship Taxi has not been yet summoned to file their defense on this matter.


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