Boda Boda Cyclist Dies Instantly After Knocking Police Pickup

The boda boda rider died on spot.

One person died on spot after a speeding boda boda collided with a police pickup at the cross road near Kitgum house and Electoral Commision headquarters along Jinja Road in Kampala on Thursday morning, purchase Police has told ChimpReports.

According to information obtained by police from a witnesses, recipe the speeding cyclist identified as Moses Konde, 35 disobeyed the traffic lights.

He is said to have been carrying a female passenger, a one Eve Sabano, 48 crossing from the Nakumatt Supermarket direction towards Mukwano Industries.

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Police say the accident occured at 6am in the morning.

His motorcycle was registered under plates UDN 946Q.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Charles Sebambulide the Public Relations Officer for Traffic and Law Enforcement told ChimpReports that Konde hit the front passenger side of the police pickup Reg. No. UP 5457 that was making a right turn to Jinja Road from Mukwano Industries.

The pickup was being driven by Corporal Herbert Odeke.

“The pickup was coming from Mukwano side and it had been given the green light. The boda boda knocked the far left of the front on the passenger side. The cyclist fell hitting his head on the tamac and died instantly,” ACP Sebambulide said.

The body of the deceased was rushed to the city mortuary at Mulago hospital while the passenger sustained injuries.

“She was taken to an unknown hospital but injuries weren’t critical at the moment.”

In the wake of reports on social media regarding the accident, some said the police pickup had been driving in the wrong lane, causing the accident.

However the Police traffic publicist refuted this account saying; “When you are coming from Mukwano side, the road lanes are properly divided and it is not possible to drive on the other side.”

“Unless you say it could have been a mistake in the operation of traffic lights. Tentatively we have established from the witnesses that the cyclist was in the wrong but investigations are still ongoing.”


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