Bobi Wine Wins Kyadondo East MP Race

9:46: Robert Kyagulanyi has been declared winner of the Kyandondo East elections by the Electoral Commission.

Bobi scooped 25659 votes on the race, a landslide 77.7% of the vote. He beat is strongest contenders Sitenda Sebalu who came second with 4,556 votes, and FDC’s Apollo Kantinti who managed only Katinti 1832.

Kantinti was the incumbent, who was ejected from  the Parliamentary seat after his election was canceled by court.

Other candidates Sowedi Kayongo got 377 while Nkunyingi Muwada managed 575.

The total number of ballots cast was 32999 while the invalid votes totaled Invalid 311


6:30pm: Independent Candidate Robert Sentamu Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) was by sunset this evening projected to win, possibly with a landslide in Kyadondo East By election.

No one seemed to even come close at most the 90 polling stations during the counting of votes which started at 4pm as planned.

Voting is still ongoing

Voting is still ongoing

At Magere Polling Station where Bobi Wine cast his vote in the morning, he garnered 268 votes while his closest contender and NRM candidate Sitenda Sebalu garnered only 53.

At the Saza Polling Station, Bobi Wine got 290 votes while NRM’s Sitenda came out with 30 and FDC’s Paul Kantinti had 12.

Supporters of Bobi Wine have have hit the road

Supporters of Bobi Wine have hit the road

At Kitegombwa, the independent Bobi was leading with 248, followed by Sebalu with 30 votes while Kantinti had 17.

Candidates Muwada and Kayongo here had 1 and zero votes respectively.

At Kabanyoro Farm, Bobi Wine had 319 votes, Ssebalu 126, Kantinti 19 others had nothing.

Earlier during the day, the three major camps (FDC, NRM and Bobi Wine) gunning for the seat were confident their candidates would emerge victorious.

NRM's head of Electoral commission Dr Tanga Odoi arrives

NRM’s head of Electoral commission Dr Tanga Odoi arrives

The NRM publicist Rogers Mulindwa while speaking to reporters expressed confidence that this would be their day, having won so far 5 of the seven by-elections held countrywide.

Meanwhile, early celebrations have commenced in different townships in Kyadondo East as supporters of Kyagulanyi take to the streets on motorcycles  and cars chanting Saawa (clock) the symbol he was using on the ballot.



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