Bobi Wine Speaks on Age Limit Resolution in Scathing Missive

Bobi Wine (photo: chano8)

The new elected Member of Parliament for Kyadondo east, Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine has described the resolution by MPs belonging to NRM party to remove the age limit as unpatriotic and dishonorable.

In a long statement that he posted on his Facebook page Wednesday evening, MP Wine said that such a resolution will only see Uganda sink even deeper into the many problems that the country is currently experiencing.

“The country has been bleeding for the last 31 years. Our former glory is all gone. Corruption rates are alarming, service delivery is at its worst, mothers die giving birth, unexplained murders every day and the judiciary is a mockery,” laments Wine in his post.

He adds: “Our children are having an uncertain future where unemployment is order of the day. Nation debt has made us slaves and the gun has become our master. This one time, the pearl of Africa has become a laughing Stoke among other nations.”

A number of Ministers and National Resistance Movement Members of Parliament on Tuesday morning moved and adopted a motion to remove the Presidential Age Limit from the Constitution.

The MPs sat in an extraordinary meeting and voted on the contentious amendment of Article 102 of the Constitution.

ChimpReports understands the mobilization of the MPs was secretly  done by the State Minister for Investment, Evelyn Anite and a number of NRM MPs led by Raphael Magezi of  Igara Constituency.

The motion was moved by the Kyaka County MP, Jakson Rwakafuuzi, a lawyer by profession, and seconded by all the attendants except one — Kumi Woman MP, Monica Amoding.

In the same statement, the musician turned politician, who likes calling himself a leader, rebukes the NRM members who raised their hands calling them traitors, selfish and cheap.

“For those of you, who rose up your hands in support of the stupid resolutions, you are traitors, you have betrayed your own country and you have sold your conscious for cheap. You have put your names on the national wall of shame and history will judge you harshly.”

Bobi Wine calls upon the NRM members to think about the future and reverse their decisions to support such unpatriotic resolution.

“The good news is, you still have to change your endorsement before it’s too late. And for the NRM MPs that stood their ground and refused to support that resolution, you are heroes and should retain their stand. Do not bow down to pressure because you have your voters behind you and they will reward you,” he writes


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