Bobi Wine Responds to “Mistakes” in Museveni Statement; Applauds Dialogue

Museveni meets MP Robert Kyagulanyi at a function at Makerere University

Kyaddondo East Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu, also known as Bobi Wine has hailed President Yoweri Museveni’s response to his earlier statement, and called for continuity of such kind of dialogue.

Museveni’s statement which came out yesterday was in response to an earlier one by Bobi Wine, which was also in response to another one by President Museveni in the New Vision in Mid-July.

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The legislator said in a short rebuttal this morning that such correspondences should be the way to go, rather than use of force and intimidation.

“I thank you Mr. President for taking time to respond,” he wrote. “I wish we would at all times engage intellectually and in a civil manner- other than the state resorting to the use of force, violence and other machinations. An article should be responded to with an article and not with an arrest or intimidation.”

President Museveni’s statement responded with detail to Bobi Wine’s concerns on the former’s long stay to power, the skyrocketing youth unemployment, and the national debt among others.

Museveni referred to the legislator as a liar, uninformed; and his opposition colleagues as uninclined and arrogant.

But according to the MP, the statement also had a number of mistakes which he promised to address in detail later.

“The statement contains many errors- factual and in terms conclusions (the obvious one being that am an MP for Kyadondo East NOT KYADONDO NORTH),” he said, adding, “I will respond to the other mistakes, inconsistencies, contradictions and wrong conclusions at an appropriate time.”


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