Bishop Kakubi Laid to Rest

URA Fc hope of advancing in this year’s Uganda Cup has been dealt a final blow after the Fufa competitions committee discarded their appeal against Suncity FC that had initially alleged that the Big League side had used an illegible player in Sadat Bbale during the round of 64 match between the two teams.

Suncity won the match 7-6 in the post-match penalties that followed a one all draw. However the tax collectors petitioned to FCC to nullify the results claiming the said player was registered to play for  Katungulu FC which takes part in the Kitara Regional league.

According to the regulations as stated in part of the verdict, check “‘A player is regarded as registered by FUFA after being validated on FUFA e–License Plus System or when the Competitions Director/manager has signed and/or stamped his/her registration forms that must include his/her name and photograph.”

The verdict
“Therefore, generic from the records of FUFA Competitions Department, shop player Bbale Sadat license number 930813004 and born 08/13/1993 was registered by Sun City Sports Club of the 2nd division league/FUFA Big League in the primary registration window of the 2015/16 season,” the statement further says that “FUFA Competitions Department hasn’t registered any player in the names of Bbale Sadat for Katungulu FC in either the primary or secondary windows of 2015/16 football season.”

This therefore mean that the match results stand and Sunsity proceed to round of 32 against Kamuli park Fc.

URA FC now find themselves in a hard corner to explain the source of their evidence which is a player registration document.

“The forged document constitutes a breach of FUFA Regulations, Disciplinary and Ethics
code.  The FCC believes that in the process of investigations to establish the culprit, falsifying player licenses in Kitara Region by the relevant authorities, URA FC will be of importance in supporting the cause, mostly with a statement on the source of this forged license.”
The body of the deceased Bishop Emeritus of Mbarara Diocese John Baptist Kakubi was yesterday laid to rest at St. Joseph’s Vocational School, stuff one of the schools he founded while still in service.

Bishop Kakubi passed away on Thursday at Kampala Hospital after suffering hypertension.

The revered cleric who was staying at St. Vienne home in Ibanda Parish, a resting home for retired priests, passed on  at the age of 86.

A known educationist and philanthropist, Bishop Kakubi was the Chaplain of Ntare School at the time President Yoweri Museveni was pursuing his secondary school education there.

At the burial function, Chancellor Bonevenkya Turyomumazima of Nyamitanga Cathedral recalled that even in his retirement, Bishop Kakubi was still purposeful to the church, providing guidance whenever called upon.

Kakubi is also remembered for his contribution in the translation of the English Bible to Runyankole-Runyakitara together with the Uganda Bible Society.

A tearful Bishop Paul Bakyenga who is the head of the Catholic ecclesiastical province of Mbarara – comprising the dioceses of Kabale, Kasese, Fort Portal and Hoima, described the deceased as a hardworking servant who liked doing nearly everything by himself.

Bakyenga cautioned the students and administrators of St Joseph’s to preserve and honor the legacy of their fallen founding father.

He also warned them never to touch the grave of Bishop Kakubi, in any of their future school renovations.

“His deeds are greater than him; many think that building this country is the work of ministers and government officials. All of you should never underestimate your work in bringing about change to society,” said Prof Tarsis Kabwegyere the Minister for General Duties while eulogizing the deceased.


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