Bigirimana Scoffs at Opposition, Defaulters for Sabotaging Youth Livelihood Program

The permanent secretary in the ministry of gender Labor and social development Pius Bigirimana on Friday castigated Ugandans who criticize the Youth Livelihood program describing them as ‘ignorant’ of the remarkable progress that the program has made since its inception.

Bigirimana equally scoffed at the media for popularizing the false impression that the program hasn’t achieved its in intended purpose of empowering youths economically.

“I want to correct the impression that has been created that YLP was a failure. People who say this have ignorance of the achievements of this program, ambulance ” Bigirimana said adding that; “About 40% of the money that is owed to government has already been reimbursed by the beneficiaries out of the 8, 000 projects that were funded.”

Bigirimana went on to blame politicians especially the opposition and defaulters for sabotaging the program.

“There are four groups of people who are trying hard to frustrate the Youth Livelihood Program. The politicians, the defaulters and the opposition who still think this program is a campaign strategy of the government,” he told journalists while addressing a news conference at Uganda Media Centre on Friday.

“Unfortunately even the media has continued to publicize the falsehoods instead of disseminating information on what has been achieved.”

He explained that critics must understand that the different projects that were funded under YLP have different maturity periods. Nevertheless, Bigirimana admitted that the two year programs hasn’t been with shortcoming including corruption.

He cited an officer in Sironko District who was arrested for receiving a bribe from a defaulter.

During the news conference, Bigirimana also revealed the Green Jobs, a new program that is soon to be rolled out targeting the youths with an allocation of Ugshs 70 billion each year. Under the program, industrial shelters will be established in every district for skills training and apprenticeship.


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