Bigirimana: Gov’t Creating ‘Green Jobs’ for Youth, Women

Bigirimana addressing the media in Kampala on Thursday (Photo: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports

Government has announced plans to establish entrepreneurship programs for youth and women in response to the increasing unemployment gap in Uganda.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Gender, viagra 60mg Labor and Social Development Pius Bigirimana told journalists on Thursday that ‘green jobs’, more about as he referred to them, link will support young people with startups seeking to reduce environmental degradation and protecting the eco-system.

He mentioned that eligible projects will entail tree planting, production of garbage processing, recycling of plastics among others.

According to Bigirimana, government has already secured USD 11M from United Nations to kick start the programme.

However, he said it was premature to place a timeline to when it will be rolled out.

“We are looking to reduce on the impact of carbon emissions, pollution, garbage dumping but at the same time improving livelihood of youth through financial support,” said Bigirimana.

“This will be a revolving fund – so once these projects have matured, these groups will then pay back in installments so that many other youths can benefit.”

Making reference to the ongoing Youth Livelihood Project from which at least 100,000 young people have benefitted and 7,000 jobs created, Bigirimana said the ‘green jobs’ project will equally be successful.

The majority of the beneficiaries of the two year program are engaged in agricultural projects followed by trade and services.

“On the issue of absence of land to carry out activities such as tree planting, he said; “It is true that some youths don’t own land yet but they can rent out land and use it for these projects. This is what most beneficiaries of the Youth Livelihood project did.”

Similarly, government will roll out the Women Entrepreneurship Program for which Shs 40Bn was allocated in the 2016/17 financial year budget.


Bigirimana said that the initiative will not require collateral security or interest for its beneficiaries.

“Only females between age 18 and 65 will be eligible for these funds but they will form groups. Those who benefited from the Youth Livelihood Program won’t be considered because that would be unfair,” Bigirimana said.

The program will have an annual target of 1 million beneficiaries.

He further revealed that to supplement these efforts, training centers will be established as a way of skills development in metal work, motor vehicle mechanics, vocational, carpentry among others.

Youth who are already employed in formal and informal sectors will benefit from these trainings as well.

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