Better Management of Technology Needed – Prof. Kayanja

Seasoned scholar, Prof. Frederick Kayanja (L), UTAMU Vice Chancellor Prof. Benon Basheka (speaking) and other academics during the conference at Silver Springs Hotel on Monday.

Former Chancellor of Gulu University Prof. Frederick Kayanja has hailed the role played by technology in modern times but cautioned that government and other agencies should do more in ensuring that these technologies are better managed.

The seasoned scholar says that there remains a big gap between the elites and the illiterate in as afar as embracing and understanding such new trends.

“It is indeed true that a lot has changed as a result of technology but how we manage it is very critical. We must keep in mind that not everybody has a Master’s Degree. Many people still rely on culture and superstition which often times contradicts civilization.” Prof. Kayanja who is currently the Chairman Council at Uganda Technology and Management University (UTAMU) said on Monday.

He was officiating at the opening of the 3rd International Conference on ICT Management held at Silver Springs Hotel.

He contested government’s policy to arrest people who do not take their children for immunization against diseases saying instead more sensitization should be done to delink them with cultural beliefs.

“Recently, clinic a man was arrested for refusing to immunize his kid. I asked police officers to let me speak with him which I did.”

“He revealed to me that his grandfather had told him that while immunizing, medics infect children with evil spirits. But I educated him and at the end of our conversation, this man clearly understood and he agreed to immunize his child.”

“Technology is good but we must ensure that it’s applied without creating hostility among the ordinary people,” he added.

He also commented on the trendy manicure among women which he said is a health hazard. According to the scholar, the liquid often used to remove nail polish destroys a layer that protects nails from germ exposure.


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