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Beti Kamya: Kizza Besigye Resorted to Propaganda after Losing Elections

Beti Kamya

Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) Party President Beti Kamya has revealed that opposition FDC strongman Dr Kizza Besigye did not win the 2016 elections mainly because of lack of party grassroots structures.

In his article released Wednesday night on Facebook, viagra approved http://deltaalphapihonorsociety.org/wp-includes/wp-db.php Dr Kizza Besigye said he won the February presidential elections with 52 percent before calling for nationwide protests to pressurise government to accept an international audit of the results.

But in her statement published Thursday by New Vision, Kamya said Besigye is simply engaged in propaganda as FDC did not even field candidates in most elective positions.

Relying on statistics, Kamya argued that in all Constituencies at all levels, NRM fielded an official flag-bearer and had at least three NRM-leaning Independents, all campaigning for Museveni which means that the president had at least 45 people campaigning for him in each of the 60,000 villages of Uganda.

“That is, at least three candidates for each seat of Parliament, LC5 Chairpersons, LC 5 Councillor seats, plus the 30 members of NRM village executive committees. This consolidated NRM votes for Museveni,” said Kamya who was until a few years ago a strong allay of Dr Besigye.

Conversely, argued Kamya, “FDC fielded just one candidate per constituency but covered just half the country. In Kampala, Wakiso, Kasese, Mbale, Mukono and Masaka where the opposition had a strong presence, Dr Besigye won, which means that there is a strong correlation between candidates of lower levels fielded by a party and the results of its presidential candidate.”

The politician further pointed out that NRM party has an executive committee of 30 people in each of 60,000 villages, 1,000 parishes, 12,000 sub-counties, 320 directly elected Parliamentary Constituencies and 112 districts, guaranteeing their candidate Museveni 2,148,960 votes at “get set” stage.

Of the 486 elective seats available in Parliament, FDC contested for just 198 seats; of 112 seats available for the chairperson LC5, FDC contested in just 43 districts; of about 1,200 sub-county /municipality seats available for the chairperson of LC 3 and Mayors, FDC contested for only about 280.


Kamya then blasted Besigye: “With due respect, while pro-Besigye propaganda is deafening loud, science, quietly but firmly says it was not possible for Besigye to win this election, not because he is not popular, but because he has not invested in building party structures but rather be invested in the building the ‘Brand, Besigye!”

She added:”If he were in school, Besigye’s end of term report card would read, ‘He is excellent on propaganda and the aptitude and potential to top his class, but he needs to scientific add acquire members through establishment of party structures.”

On his part, Besigye claims the political field was tilted in favour of the incumbent due to arrests and harassment of his supporters.

He also insists the Electoral Commission favoured the current President.

However, Kamya appears not to buy Besigye’s assertions: “There is no magic here, it is what NRM does and what General Muntu who was wisely trying to do. Science, authoritative with figures and facts will always carry the day, while propaganda can only reach its limits…. before collapse.”


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