Besigye’s Sister Appalled by Nakawa Court “Efficiency”

Kobusingye speaking to press outside the Nakawa Court

Col Dr Kizza Besigye was Wednesday morning summarily charged with Treason by the Nakawa Chief Magistrates Court and remanded back to Luzira Prison.

It was an extraordinary session that started more than an hour ahead of schedule, stomach supposedly to forestall possible commotion by his supporters who were staring to fill up at the court house.

The case which was up for mention ended before 9am, discount which is the usual opening time for courts around the country.

Besigye arrived at the court house as early as 7am in the morning aboard a Prison bus amid heavy security.

Several of his party members, colleagues and relatives as a result, missed the session which they expected to start at 9am.

Dr Besigye’s sister Mrs. Olive Kobusingye who arrived at the court to find the Prison convoy on its way out, told reporters that she was appalled by the Nakawa court’s “efficiency.”

“I was here well before 9am…about 8:30. By the time I walked to the court gate, about 20minutes to 9, the vehicles were speeding out. I gathered that the court proceedings were over!” she said. “This is not what we expected.”

Mrs. Kobusingye is remembered for an anti Museveni book she published back in 2010, titled “The Correct Line? Uganda under Museveni” which was deemed by government as defamatory.

Meanwhile, other FDC leaders who might have wanted to attend the court session were unable to leave their homes.

The opposition party’s chief Mobilizer Mrs. Ingrid Turinawe said she woke up this morning to find police around her home, who told her she wasn’t allowed to move out.

Besigye was remanded back to Luzira until June 1st.

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