Besigye Wants Law on Capital Offences Changed

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye has said there’s need to change in the Constitution in regards to capital offences.

The opposition strongman was early this year arrested and charged with treason declaring himself president elect in the wake of the February presidential elections.

Speaking to journalists on Friday after reporting as part of his bail condition at High Court in Kampala, illness Besigye said it beats his understanding when such a serious case is still being held onto him almost 8 months after the alleged commitment of the crime yet he is not being tried by court.
“I think there is a serious gap within our laws, “Besigye said.

“They can keep on threatening to charge and try me for even 20 or 30 years until I die. It is only wasting my time and money yet it is unconstitutional. ”

Besigye said he sees no reason as to why the state keeps the case against him yet they are not ready to try him.

Besigye suggested in the mean time, that the state can drop the case against him and later resurrect it when they are ready.

“Lawyers need to look into it such that if it reaches 7 months, the case can be thrown out and can be reinstated when the state is ready.”

“Why continue persecuting me yet they don’t have enough evidence against me?”


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