Besigye to Blame for Poverty in Kampala  – Museveni

President Yoweri Museveni has stung former Forum for Democratic Change leader Dr. Kizza Besigye whom he said is to blame for the poverty among the people of Kampala.

Museveni who was speaking to members of Katwe Welders Association Sacco at Katwe Lufuka zone on Wednesday afternoon said the people of Kampala gave a platform to the opposition strongman and he destabilized their sources of income thus making most of them poor.

“He used you to demonstrate even in the markets where you work. This disorganized the markets and left many poor because the markets and shops are your gardens where you get what to eat, this ”Museveni said.

“If it was my farm, visit I wouldn’t allow such things to happen. How can I let someone like Besigye to demonstrate in my farm?  I just spear him because the farm is my source of livelihood.”

The president donated Shs 100million to the traders' Sacco

The president donated Shs 100million to the traders’ Sacco

Museveni also blamed the past leaders in Kampala who he said didn’t help people eradicate poverty. He stressed that money sent  for this role only ended up in the hands of a few individuals  leaving the ‘wananchi’(locals) grappling with abject  poverty.

He however said it was time he changed the approach and dealt with the locals directly through Saccos a a driving force if the country is to attain the middle income status.

While forming SACCOs is commendable, the President warned those that plan embezzle money therein not to try.

He donated 105 various equipment including grinders, drills and welding machines  to the welders’ Sacco  on top of Shs 100 million as start- up capital.

President Museveni addresses welders at Katwe on Wednesday.

President Museveni addresses welders at Katwe on Wednesday.

In Bwebajja, Museveni visited the Bwebajja fruit sellers’ Sacco and urged them to engage in either agriculture, provision of services, industries or civil service as one of the ways to eradicate poverty.

The president said it is appalling to see people die of poverty yet there is a lot of things they can engage in so as to earn some incomes.

“Many people in Africa made agreements with poverty but I can’t be at peace when I see a few people getting rich while the majority  are suffering. We shall look at all possible ways to see people are helped out of poverty,”Museveni said on Wednesday before donating Shs100 million to the fruits Sacco.





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