Besigye ‘Spots Link in Amuru, Kasese Attacks’

Dr Kizza  Besigye addressing press in Kampala today
Dr Kizza Besigye addressing press in Kampala today

Col Dr. Kizza Besigye is flaunting a theory, rx connecting the recent harrowing clashes in Apaa in Amuru district with those that have happened elsewhere in the past, viagra 100mg notably Kasese in November last year.

Government, ambulance through its security organs has a hand in all these atrocities, Dr Besigye seems to suggest.

The four time Presidential candidate at a press conference in Kampala today spoke at length about the attacks in Amuru in which 6 lives were lost.

The clashes are due to Apaa village  which is being claimed by residents of Ajumani and Amuru district.


According to reports, on June 4th, a group of people believed to have come from Adjumani district attacked Amuru, armed with machetes, bows and arrows.

Half a dozen people were killed in the clashes while 28 were rushed to Lacor Hospital in Gulu with life threatening injuries; some with arrows sticking out their rib cages.

About 12 people according to reports are still unaccounted for.

Over 140 houses are said to have been torched in the clashes, together with 2 community schools; several livestock killed and looted, fruit trees cut down and granaries destroyed. More than 5000 people as said to have been displaced.


Dr. Besigye pointed out at the press conference that the clashes suspiciously came only a few days after Deputy Prime Minister Gen Moses Ali visited the area.

In 2015, a group of women went on rampage in the same village of Apaa and stripped naked in front of another Army General Aronda Nyakairima, then minister of internal affairs when he went to visit the contested area.

The recent clashes according to Besigye, have striking similarities with those in Kasese last year and South Buganda a few months ago.

“Looking at the photos of the injuries on the bodies of victims in Apaa, one cannot help notice similarities with those in Kasese. There are very interesting and intriguing similarities in the type of injuries,” Besigye said, asking to be pardoned if he sounded like a conspiracy theorist.

“Remarkably, most of the attackers (in Apaa) had army jungle boots although they were in civilian clothes,” he added.

“Kasese is still fresh in our minds, but one wonders whether this thing is part of the wider kind of terror campaign that is engrossing our country.”

The FDC strongman rushed to point out more resemblance with the recent attacks in South Buganda again perpetuated by machetes.

“These also were intriguing because people would be notified beforehand,” he said. “Everyone knew including police, but in spite of that, on the appointed date they would come and carry out these atrocities. We still don’t have people being prosecuted for this.”

Police say they have over 75 people in custody in connection with the attacks in the Greater Masaka region.

But Besigye insists, “This appears to be some kind of a pattern that is emerging driven by all kinds of circumstances, but with same end of result – instilling fear in our population.

 “The nature of these attacks and the role of the state in them is our fundamental concern.”

The man in the spotlight regarding the Apaa clashes Gen Moses Ali however, denies any wrongdoing. He claims on the contrary that the clashes are politically motivated and that his name keeps coming up only because he is a long serving area MP.

Besigye now wants an independent investigation of these attacks, one that doesn’t involve the army or the police, “since the army and police cannot investigate themselves.”

He noted, “Because of the suspicious nature of the role of the state, in all the attacks, it further focuses us on the need for an independent inquiry into these matters.

Besigye further called for humanitarian assistance for the affected communities in Amuru, noting for instance that the displaced need immediate relief.

The office of the Prime Minister according to reports, has so far provided 500 bags of food to the communities, but Besigye says a lot more is necessary.


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