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Besigye: Murumba Could Have Been Poisoned

FDC Lawyer Wilfred Murumba succumbed to multiple organic failure.

Hundreds of mourners on Wednesday morning thronged Christ the King Church in Kampala for the requiem mass for FDC lawyer Wilfred Murumba who succumbed to multiple organ failure at Kampala Hospital in Kololo on Tuesday afternoon.

In her speech, nurse the widow Celina Murumba Bamusiime described her late husband as a loving and dedicated and cheerful person throughout his life.

“Having been a State Attorney many years, physician we usually called him ‘state’ a name he was always comfortable with. He was very principled but loved his job so much that he would leave me in bed and go for work only to wake up he has already left, ” Bamusiime said of her late husband.


The widow broke down into tears.

The widow broke down into tears.

“I remember at one time the CAO used him (Murumba) as an example of someone dedicated to his job that he always came to office before anyone else could do. In fact even if he fell sick, he could go to court as went as far as Mbarara, Rukungiri and Bushenyi .Whenever I talked to him to stay at home, he only said his job was to defend the poor and if he stayed back, they would suffer.”

Besigye consoles the widow.

Besigye consoles the widow.

Rubanda County East Member of Parliament Hon. Henry Musasizi who represented the Prime Minister (Ruhakana Rugunda) described the deceased as someone who was consistent in what he said as he put in a lot of effort to defend the poor.

Former FDC President Dr. Kiiza Besigye described Murumba as being a selfless individual who never discriminated in serving the people .

“He always went out knowing he would not benefit but offered himself as he served everybody alike regardless of their political belief that he must be recognized for what he achieved,” Besigye said of the deceased.

Sickness That Led to Death

According to the widow, Celina Murumba Bamusiime, his late husband who had never fallen sick  in December developed pain in the stomach which according to her was mild that he could work with and moved as far as Mbarara, Rukungiri and Bushenyi .

“The pain however became acute and went to a clinic in Kabale where he it was detected that he had a problem with the liver and advised to try Mulago for treatment, ”Bamusiime explained.

According to the widow, the deceased throughout March kept on reporting to Mulago for medication and on Monday (last week) went to court and did his job as usual but with pain.

Officials from the DPP's office lay a wreath on the casket.

Officials from the DPP’s office lay a wreath on the casket.

“On Tuesday he travelled to Kampala for medication but he suggested that the whole family comes so that we could enjoy Easter from the city but this didn’t happen as we spent the holiday in hospital. On Tuesday at around midday he started breathing in an unfamiliar way a few minutes before he breathed his last,” the widow narrated as she broke down in tears.

Born on April 30, 1965, in Bwegerere village, Ikumba sub county, Kabale district, Wilfred Mulumba graduated with a degree in Law at Makerere University before joining Copenhagen Business School where he attained a Diploma in Business Law.

He served as a State Attorney for Kabale, Arua, Mbale and Mbarara before joining the DPP’s office as a Principle State Attorney before joining private practice.

Murumba is survived by 4 children Josephine Kirabo, Joseph Mubangizi, Paul Taremwa and Jenevive Kabahimba.

He will be laid to rest at Rubanda village, Nyaruhanga parish in Kabale district on Friday.
Traders under the Kampala City Traders Association (KACITA) have appealed to Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to come up with a uniform income tax to help with the cumbersome task of filing returns and computing income.

The proposal was raised during a consultative meeting between URA and the traders on Kiyembe lane, order that was among others aimed at bridging the information gap about revenue administration and collection.

The traders said that since most of them had not acquired sufficient academic training , online filing returns becomes very hard which can be solved if the business is valued at once and a certain income tax levied like is the case with trade licenses.

URA Commissioner General, Doris Akol welcomed the proposal and promised to do a study and see how this can be implemented if indeed it is necessary.

Akol, on the other hand called upon traders to always check with URA and confirm the taxes to be paid before travelling abroad for importation.

“Traders have been finding importation taxes to be high but this is because they don’t ask about the taxes before venturing into the business. You need to first know the tax valued on the goods that you are going to import to avoid getting surprised.”

Akol also expressed confidence that the authority will meet the tax target collections of over 15 Trillion in the next financial year.

“We have been getting tax collection proposals each year and we have been meeting them; I am very confident that even this time round with support from Ugandans we shall meet the tax collection proposal.”



Former Forum for Democratic President Dr. Kizza Besigye has broken the silence about reports that party stalwart and lawyer Wilfred Murumba was poisoned.

Speaking at the requiem mass held at Christ the King church in Kampala on Wednesday, what is ed Besigye refused to rule out poisoning and noted that the rumour could be true.

“Indeed there is a lot of concern in the rumour that Murumba was poisoned. I think the reason for these rumours is because of suspicion and fear among some members of the community, ” Besigye said on Wednesday morning.

“In fact we have night dancers who don’t benefit from their actions but their aim is making sure one person suffers and that’s the kind of environment we live in.”

The former FDC President revealed that for fear of the ‘night dancers’ who might endanger his life, wherever he goes, he makes sure he eats food prepared in form of a buffet .

“If there is no buffet, I can’t eat for fear of night dancers but there is need to work for an environment that ensures the wells from which we fetch water are safe.”

Speaking to the mourners, the widow to the deceased Celina Murumba Bamusiime said her husband developed stomach pain in December but it was mild not until around February.

“Pain became acute and he went to a clinic in Kabale where a problem was detected on the liver and advised to go to Mulago for further medication where he would come for treatment and go back to Kabale,” Bamusiime told mourners on Wednesday at Christ the King church in Kampala.

Murumba succumbed to multiple organ failure at Kampala Hospital in Kololo after being transferred from Mulago Referral Hospital.

According to relatives, he was due to be flown out to Nairobi for further treatment  on Tuesday evening.





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