Besigye Speaks Out on Facing Death Sentence  

Dr Kizza Besigye in Court today

Former FDC Presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye has revealed his state of mind and condition, drug being a suspect of an offence whose maximum sentence is death.

Besigye told reporters that he isn’t worried about his case because like all the previous ones, decease it holds no water and will most likely be kicked out.

He noted however that the case has made his day to day life more difficult and complicated his businesses.

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“Being in prison, find there is nothing you can do.  Your work and responsibilities are affected because you are in jail,” he told reporters outside the Nakawa Magistrates court on Wednesday after his case was adjourned to 12th August.

“Two months now I have been doing nothing. Now that I am out on bail, I have to meet the expenses of having to bring myself to court every time I am called.”

“People even get to fear me, I cannot go to the bank now and ask for a loan to do a business; people will say what if we give him our money and he is sentenced to death?”

The cases, Besigye said however, are only aimed at wearying him and his resolve to liberate the country.

“All the cases that have been thrown at me, from disobeying police orders to Treason, there is none that I have felt the need to give my defense. They are all thrown out without my word, because they lack substance.

“These are used to weaken and torture us,” said Besigye. “But I never tire. When they call me to court I always come. We will win all these cases, and all the trouble they have taken us through, we are prepared to fight until we will rescue our power and live peacefully in our country.”


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