Besigye Should Put Down that Revolutionary Burden

Julius Peter Ochen

By: Julius Peter Ochen

I have read countless times on social media people calling upon Ugandans to open up their eyes as Besigye lines up people’s children to be shot on the streets as his is eating sausages in the UK.

But the same people do not tell us who are on the street with guns to shoot down Ugandan sons and daughters matching for what they believe are within their civil rights and liberty. In their imperfect minds, cheap it’s Besigye, thumb and not those who deployed guns on the streets are the waiting killers.

Interesting to ponder however, why didn’t people match to liberate Besigye in Kasangati while he was under incarceration? Why do they only wait to cheer him on his way to town? Aren’t they aware of what Besigye is fighting for? Don’t they share his grievances? Or it’s not yet revolutionary time.

It’s a universal secret that revolution can only supervene when people’s political and economic situations are worse than the terrors they will withstand in liberating themselves.

So if this is the situation in Uganda, why is Dr Besigye shouldering the revolutionary weight alone? Are we for real in revolutionary situations? Are the revolutionary mobilizers mindful of the fact that not every revolutionary situation produces revolution in itself?

Besides, revolutions spearheaded by known opposition politicians have always been crushed worldwide, and Besigye’s case is/or will not be an isolated one. When Mohamed Bouazizi of Tunisian town of Sidi Bouzid, and Abdul Abdel-Monaim Kamal of Egypt set themselves ablaze in 2010 and 2011 respectively sparking mass revolts in their countries, they were not mobilized by any opposition politician to do so.

He felt that enough was enough. The future didn’t show them anything to live for.

Unless this sense of hopelessness engulfed the whole country, Besigye et al will labor in futility.

As long as Ugandans still see roads springing up in their villages, as long as they see health centres being built and nurses recruited in their localities, as long as their children go to schools and find teachers, as long as farmers still find markets for their produce even on cheating prices, they will hung on and hope for a better tomorrow.

The sky rocking unemployment which could have offered yet another revolutionary match-stick to regime change agitators has been steadily neutralized through liberalization of gambling sector. A young man who has staked one thousand shilling in seven matches  in a row, expecting twenty million in a bet win can never be mobilized to face the killer looking men and women holding RPG, LMG, PK, AGL, HPGP, G2 manning the Kampala streets.

I still hold the opinion that the weight of the regime is steadily getting to every man’s chest; that there is unstoppable revolution pending; that when such time comes, it will be in Besigye’s interest to join the course, not to mobilize but people will be mobilized by the situations in every man’s household, it will be people’s led revolution.

It will not wait for any ideological orientation. It will not require strategies. It will fear neither guns on the streets, nor helicopter bombers in the sky. Women will not be afraid of losing their husbands. Fathers and sons will match alongside each other. But that time is still into the future. FDC is merely in hasty political ejaculation isometrics. God bless Uganda!

The writer is a political analysis with interest in politics


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