Besigye Shakes Jinja Town

Besigye commences his main rally in Jinja town

Health Ministry spokesperson Dr Asuman Lukwago has denied media reports that he said Mulago Referral Hospital can do without interns, link http://crossfitnaples.com/wp-content/plugins/nextgen-gallery/products/photocrati_nextgen/modules/dynamic_thumbnails/module.dynamic_thumbnails.php Chimp Corps report.

“It is simple; those who are not satisfied are free to go away. We can always do without them but they would never be confirmed as doctors, hospital http://covintec.cl/wp-content/uploads/2015/lxmnd.php ” Dr Lukwago was quoted by the media as saying last week.

This was after interns complained that government has not paid their stipend for more than three months.

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The comments have since drawn outrage from sections of the public.

The Health Ministry on Friday said in a brief statement that, http://cienciaaldia.com/wp-admin/includes/image.php “These remarks were put out of context and this is to clarify that Dr. Lukwago was not referring to the medical interns at Health Facilities but interns in other professions.”

The ministry further said, “Medical interns are the backbone of the health system and as the parent ministry, we highly appreciate their services and are looking for all means to motivate them.”

Interns continue to suffer with many sharing meals prepared for patients. Others lack money for housing and transport.

Vivian E. Asedri, a PhD student of healthcare administration says training of healthcare professionals such as medical doctors is a long, painstaking and costly process that requires sacrifice and investment commitment.

“The quality of a nation’s medical doctors is dependent on the depth of their internship, which gives the students the critical hands-on-learning badly needed in the ever-evolving healthcare industry,” he adds.
From the capital Kampala, price http://catrinmacdonnell.co.uk/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/gplus-authorship.php Forum for Democratic Presidential candidate this morning headed east to Busoga’s main town of Jinja, more about where supporters in their thousands enthusiastically gathered to welcome him.

Locals made him his own "State House"

Locals made him his own “State House”

In the eastern town, approved Dr Besigye enjoys relatively good support which averages above 45% as per the previous elections, which is higher than most districts away from the central region.

Prior to his main rally, which commenced late at 6pm in Jinja town, Dr Besigye addressed mini rallies in small townships and along the road where hundreds of supporters anxiously awaited.

FDC's "mamba" arrives in Jinja

FDC’s “mamba” arrives in Jinja

Earlier in the morning, Besigye paid a visit to Jinja Referral Hospital to check on some of his supporters who were involved in a road accident on Wednesday.

The accident that involved a heavy duty truck claimed three of the opposition candidate’s supporters who were reportedly conducting a mock rally in Jinja town.

Besigye checks on his injured supporters at Jinja Referral Hospital

Besigye checks on his injured supporters at Jinja Referral Hospital

Besigye arrived in the morning at the hospital and interacted with the seven injured supporters as well as their doctors who gave him reassurance.

At the health facility, which like many others around the country is overwhelmed with patients, doctors and nurses abandoned their work and scrambled to take a glance at the opposition leader and shake his hands.

Besigye visited a few other patients in other wards and completed his tour without being blocked by police as has previously been the case elsewhere.


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