Besigye Scoffs at Prosecution of Brutal Police Officers

Dr Kizza Besigye says police is under fire from public pressure

Former Forum for Democratic Change Presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye has scoffed at police’s gesture of charging its own officers who two weeks ago beat his supporters; terming this as drama.

Over 10 officers including senior police commanders have been charged in a police court for misconduct and tarnishing the name of the force when they beat supporters of the FDC strongman

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday morning at the 4GC headquarters along Katonga road, online http://crewftlbr.org/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/tribe/asset/ajax_list.php Besigye said the trial is a mockery and not intended to serve its purpose but hoodwink the public.

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“It is just katemba (drama). How can it be the same person (Inspector General of Police) who applauded and was happy for the action of his men; to front the prosecution the same men? It is just drama by the police, ask ” Besigye said on Tuesday morning.

“The same man said at a press conference that he could have given them medals for their actions, how come he is charging them for the actions he applauded them for?”

The opposition strongman however said he was partly happy because it was a sign of pressure exerted onto IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura and the entire police force that the public can never be taken for granted.

Besigye said government has realized that the public can also decide to demand action for its errant officials which he noted is good.

“Allowing me move in the city today was not because they were willing but due to public pressure. They could not stop me as I go about my business in the city centre.”

On Monday, trial of   8 people including senior  police commanders SSP Andrew Kaggwa ,the Kampala South RPC, Patrick Muhumuza ( operations commander  Katwe police station) and Samuel Bamuzibire(the head of police operations in Kampala Metropolitan) plus their juniors Willy Kalyango,Muhangi Deheth, Moses Agaba,Sula Kato and Dan Tandeka, a crime preventer   started at the  police  tribunal in Naguru.

In his evidence, the police Professional Standards Unit commandant   Fortunate Habyara said the accused officers armed with guns and sticks behaved in an unprofessional manner when they flogged Besigye supporters.

“The civilians were defenseless and at their mercy,” Habyara said before playing a video recording of the beating in court.



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