Besigye Returns to Court Today

Col Dr Kizza Besigye, seek the Forum for Democratic Change’s former candidate in the last presidential elections is expected back at the Nakawa Magistrate Court this morning for the hearing of an application filed by government to transfer his trial to a different court.

Government at the start of this month put in a formal request asking the Nakawa Magistrate’s court to allow former FDC presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye be arraigned before a court in Luzira.

The Prosecution side led by Lino Anguzo told court that Besigye, medications who is answering to treason charges, should be tried in a court that is closer to Luzira Prison where he is remanded.

“The Constitution allows you to sit at any place of the jurisdiction. The building in Luzira was designated by the Chief Justice as a court,” Anguzo told the Nakawa chief Magistrate. “The court in Luzira is at a shorter distance from the prison than it is to here.”

The Nakawa Magistrate James Eremye is expected to take a decision on whether or not Besigye’s trail can be transferred to another court.

This move was frowned at by both Dr Besigye and his supporters from the opposition FDC.

One of Besigye’s lawyers, Merard Sseggona expressed worries over state’s insistence that their client appears at the Luzira court.

He questioned claims that security is threatened by the distance from prisons to the Nakawa Magistrate’s court and daubed as one of government’s ill intended maneuvers to deny his client justice.



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