Besigye: Pro-Kayihura Protesters Reminiscent of Black Mambas

Besigye addressing press at his residence on Thursday

Former Forum for Democratic Change presidential candidate Dr.Kizza Besigye has said there are no simple words that can explain  the actions of people who invaded the Makindye Magistrates court on Wednesday morning.

A group of people some of them bodaboda riders stormed the court and protested the decision to have the Inspector General of Police and seven of his senior commanders appear before court to answer to criminal charges in relation to brutalizing Besigye supporters.

The group who carried placards in support of Gen. Kayihura was seen taking over court, buy http://cgt06.fr/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-site-icon.php forcing lawyers led by Kampala Lord Mayor to seek refuge in the Chief Magistrates chambers.

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Addressing a news conference at his home in Kasangati, purchase http://cotro.com/wp-includes/option.php Besigye said it was unfortunate that the protesters violated the constitution as the police, information pills http://centroilponte.com/wp-content/plugins/all-in-one-event-calendar/public/admin/row_weekly.php mandated to keep law and order just looked on.

“It only confirmed that the police force which he (Gen. Kayihura) leads doesn’t function as national institution but rather an individual institution. The attacks on parliament on Tuesday and later court yesterday as police looked on just shows that he supported them,” Besigye told a news conference.

“It showed there is a big crisis in the justice, law and order sector; reminiscent of the famous Black Mambas who attacked High Court (in 2005). The police only turned a blind eye as they continued.”

Police yesterday in a brief statement, distanced itself from the actions of the court protesters, such as taking siege of the magistrate’s chambers and blocking the roads to the court. The police mouthpiece Polly Namaye said these actions were not to be condoned.

She clarified however that the rest of the protest was peaceful, and lawful since it was cleared by the police as required by law.

“The Uganda Police Force appreciates the fact that the group of demonstrators at the Grade 1 Magistrates Court in Makindye today complied with the requirement of the POM Act (Section 5) of notifying the Police so as to obtain guidance and security during the demonstration,” she said.

Besigye however told journalists the protest was not warranted as the case was not against the Inspector General of Police but rather Gen. Kayihura as a person which he said meant he at all costs had to appear before court.

He noted that it was appalling for the police force who have on many occasions been at the forefront of enforcing the Public Order Management  Act,  to turn a deaf ear as the same was being violated .

“He was summoned as Kayihura and not as a government official. There was nothing that necessitated that he organizes a group of people to protest before court and beat up court   officials.”

Besigye added,” Police should have dispersed or even arrested the protesters but not letting them take over the temple of justice. We should rise up to the occasion to take measures and change this.”

According to the former FDC president, such acts shouldn’t have happened be it by opposition or any other person in government.

“There is no excuse he (Kayihura) can give for what happened yesterday at court.”


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