Besigye Fumes as Museveni Travels to US in Private Jet

Kizza Besigye (Photo by: Kenneth Kazibwe/ChimpReports)

Four time presidential candidate Col Dr Kizza Besigye took to social media with anger this morning, malady after president Museveni arrived in New York on Wednesday on his Gulf Stream jet.

Museveni who first stopped in France and met with his counterpart there, is attending the United Nations General Assembly and will be addressing fellow leaders on the refugee crisis.

Dr Besigye in a Facebook post hastened condemn the president’s bountiful lifestyle, likening him to his predecessors.

Quoting a Chimpreports’ published speech of President Museveni’s 1986 inaugural speech at Parliament, Besigye recalled how his former commander lashed out at the past Ugandan leaders who lived large while their citizens languished in abject poverty.

Museveni’s speech read in part, “”The Honouarable Excellency who is going to United Nations in executive gets, but has a population at home of 90% walking barefoot, is nothing but a pathetic spectacle.
Yet this Excellency may be trying to compete with Reagan and Golbachev to show that he, too, is an Excellency”

Museveni arriving in NewYork for UN General Assembly on Monday

Museveni arriving in NewYork for UN General Assembly on Monday

Besigye was dismayed that the same Museveni just travelled to New York for this year’s UNGA meeting in the latest model of Gulf Stream 5 Executive Presidential Jet.

“Not only has he left home a barefoot population, but some are dying of hunger!,” Remarked besigye who is now being tried for Treason.

“84% youth are unemployed; 19 women are dying, needlessly, in childbirth daily; young doctors (interns) are on strike because they aren’t paid; an epidemic of jiggers looms in parts of the country; 75% children drop out of primary schools due to pathetic state of education standards etc, etc.”

He added, “In 1986, I, too, stood at the stairs of parliament as Mr M7 swore-in as president and made that speech. Back then, we were found of saying, rightly, that shame is a revolutionary sentiment.”

“I’ll not just be ashamed at having been a part of the “pathetic spectacle” that we continue to witness, I’ll not rest until it’s overcome. That’s the least that I can do.”

After 30 years in office Museveni boosts to have trimmed the number of Ugandans living in extreme poverty from 56% in the early 1990s to 25%, making Uganda the 9th most successful African country in fighting poverty.

This, the president emphasizes, has been possible in spite of the many years of armed conflicts that ravaged the northern and western parts of the country.

Currently he hopes to usher the county into the middle income status before the end of his fifth term in office.


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