Besigye Fears He Could Be Poisoned

Former FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye tabled claims today that government is planning to terminate his life through poisoning.

While appearing in court on Wednesday morning, site Besigye narrated how he was the sole prisoner in Moroto government prisons which he said placed his life in jeopardy.

“At night power went off but luckily enough I had got a torch from one of my relatives that I used to light, buy ” the FDC strongman narrated to the Nakawa Chief Magistrate James Eremye Mawanda.

“The hind gate of the prison had been opened by unknown people and at around 2am, I heard something making movements near the cell. I then flashed the torch only to see a policeman clad in black with a mask on his face fleeing.”

He said that at this time he asked the officers guarding the prison to explain what he had seen, at which point the open door was slammed shut and he was told that nothing happened.

Dr Besigye said he is worried being in the hands of his worst enemies

Dr Besigye said he is worried being in the hands of his worst enemies

Besigye further told court that the state through the DPP and police is focused on seeing him neutralized and that it worries him that he had to live in the hands of his tormentors.

“It ought to be known that many people like in my circumstances who are political opponents have died under mysterious situations and feared to have been poisoned,” he told court.

The accused who had no lawyer representing him urged court to move the state to expedite investigations into the case, adding that he has spent more than one month in prison yet by the time of arrest, investigations ought to have been completed for the case hearing to kick off.

Besigye further raised a concern of barring his relatives and colleagues from accessing court to listen to the case which he said was wrong and against his constitutional rights.

“It is my prayer that you request police to make this court accessible so that people can come and leave in harmony.”

State Rubbishes Claims

The state prosecutor Doreen Elima however, told court that the claims by Besigye can only be addressed to the High Court where hearing of the case will take place and thus are now misplaced.

“This court does not have jurisdiction to address the accused’s   concerns and the implication of the issues he has raised is that he wishes to be granted liberty and this can be only done by the High Court,” Elima told court.

On the issue of police denying the Besigye’s relatives and colleagues access to court ,the prosecutor said this concern has not been brought to her attention but  said efforts to have this addressed will be put in place.

Bsigye being taken back to Luzira

“We pray for 2 weeks to finalize with investigations and have the accused’s case expedited, ”she requested.

The judge however said it was wrong to torture the accused by police and the relevant authorities to have the concern investigated and addressed.

He implored relevant government organs to take the matter up and have Besigye’s case investigated quickly for justice to prevail.

“I strongly order the DPP to ensure the case investigations are concluded in the nearest time possible so that progress of this case can be achieved,” the Chief Magistrate Eremy said.

On denying people entry to court, the magistrate said it was wrong for police to limit people from accessing court for hearing of the case but warned that those allowed in are supposed to keep discipline.

Besigye set to Apply for Bail. The Magistrate revealed that he has received instructions  to forward Besigye’s file to High Court  for bail application.

He adjourned the case to June 29 2016.




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