Besigye Escapes From Gulu Police Custody

Dr Besigye and his driver reportedly escaped from police in Gulu town today

The former Presidential Candidate, order Dr. Kizza Besigye on Wednesday, and in an extraordinary stunt escaped from a police convoy heading to Gulu Central Police Station and returned to Kampala, viagra 60mg leaving police officers dumbfounded.

According to security sources, Dr. Besigye who was in the northern town together with other Forum for Democratic Change party leaders and members, made an abrupt program to address traders in the Gulu main market, prompting police to act.

Police intercepted Besigye and his group before they could access the market and the retired colonel was isolated and arrested.

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Besigye was however allowed to remain in his car and his driver was forced into the security convoy headed for Gulu CPS.

On reaching the road to the station, Besigye’s V8 Land Cruiser timed a gap behind the police lead vehicle and veered away from the convoy, speeding down to Kampala.

“The guy was tricky with his driver. He escaped from us when we were all seeing and we had nothing else today,” a security source in Gulu told this reporter.

The police vehicles however pursued Besigye’s car up to Koro trading centre about 20km from Gulu town.

“We followed him up to Koro and left him to continue since the level of threat within our jurisdiction had reduced to zero,” the same source added.

Besigye still commands a lot of support in Gulu and the whole Acholi sub region. He beat President Yoweri Museveni in 5 out of the 8 eight districts in the region during the last elections

The FDC is currently holding nationwide workshops that started from Western Uganda.


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