Besigye Drags Civil Aviation Authority to Court

Kizza Besigye

Former  FDC presidential candidate Dr. Kizza Besigye Kifefe  has dragged the  Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)  to High Court for allegedly conniving  with  security agencies who pulled  him off the steps of the plane on 3rd/October 2016 while at Entebbe Airport on his return from the United Kingdom.

Besigye through his lawyer  Ladislous Rwakafuuzi  accuses  the Aviation Authority of violating his rights of free movement when they diverted   his planned movements from the Airport to his Kasangati home  and drove him against his will through remote routes.

Besigye adds that this plan also denied him the right to meet and move from the  Airport  in company of his  family, approved friends, viagra associates and supporters who had waited for him at the Airport  hence violating his freedom of Association.

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In his affidavit dated 22th  August Besigye says he left Uganda and addressed conferences in London, Geneva and Boston and returned on 3rd October using Kenya Airways aircraft which landed at Entebbe .

On that day however, he noticed that the plane had parked unusually far from the terminal and when he got out he noticed that there was a bigger presence of CAA staff on the tarmac and a  CAA
vehicle  driving closer to the aircraft.

Besigye added that before disembarking from the staircase, a staff of CAA wearing a reflector jacket pulled him from the last step of  the staircase and grabbed him by his trouser towards the CAA vehicle which drove him  away before he could even go through immigration procedures at the Airport.

Court has given CAA only 15 days within which to file a response before Justice Patricia Basaza so as the case can be fix


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