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Besigye Aide Linked to RPA Rebel Group

Sam Mugumya is still detained by Congolese forces

Speaker, salve pills http://coparmex.org.mx/wp-includes/template.php Rebecca Kadaga
Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga has expressed discontent at the pace with which her parliament has handled enactment of the Minimum Wage Bill 2013.

The law which seeks to establish a minimum hourly pay for all workers in the country is stuck at draft level close to two years down the road.

The Private Members Bill was birthed by Workers Minister Hon Aninaitwe Stephen Rwakajara, page http://coastalperiodontics.com.au/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/capabilities.php and supported by MPs Paul Mwiru and James Bahimba.

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Kadaga told journalists in Kampala last Friday that the delayed enactment of the law was much to the detriment of many workers in the country.

“Too much time has elapsed; I don’t know what’s taking (the authors) so long. We cannot keep with this situation of people working for as low as Sh 20, information pills http://courtneybarnett.com.au/wp-includes/class-wp-post.php 000 a month yet under harsh working conditions,” she told reporters.

The speaker says since February last year when the Bill was introduced, Minister Arinaitwe is yet to show progress.

I have given the minister 30 days to present the Certificate of Financial Implication for the law to be debated and enacted.

Uganda is the only country in East Africa without a minimum wage, and still operates under the 1987 establishment of shs 6000 a month.

A Minimum Wage Advisory Council of 1995 recommended a minimum pay of Sh 75,000 for unskilled workers.

Failure to cooperate, the new Bill proposes a Sh 10 million fine to be paid by employers as compensation to their workers.

A disappointed Kadaga said that government had a responsibility of honoring international treaties which underscore workers’ rights.

“Recently I was attending a forum in South Africa and it turned out that Uganda is one of the countries under the African Union which have ratified the least number of international treaties with about 22 pending.
Ugandan security have deepened investigations into an alleged confession by Col Kizza Besigye’s close aide Sam Mugumya and other opposition figures about the formation of a new rebel group.

Army spokesperson Lt Col Paddy Ankunda said Mugumya, page http://comeduraredipiu.com/wp-content/plugins/thrive-leads/editor-templates/lightbox/25_set.php who is still in the hands of the DRC forces, information pills http://cccnt.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/deprecated/tribe__events__admin__notices__base_notice.php confessed that he was on a mission to trace members of the rebel People’s Redemption Army (PRA) whose infrastructure was degraded by UPDF military operations in the early 2000s.

Majority of the PRA fighters were either killed in DRC or arrested and charged with treason in Uganda courts.

However, cialis 40mg http://chienyenthinh.com/components/com_k2/views/itemlist/view.raw.php others managed to escape and are thought to be operating from Eastern Congo.

“According to the information we have, Mugumya and others whose names are still classified, planned to link up with remnants of PRA to form a new rebel group,” said Ankunda in an interview on Saturday.

“They have been dealing with some people in Sweden, Denmark and other parts of Europe to form this group,” he added.

Ankunda said he would divulge more details about the alleged rebel outfit at a later date to avoid jeopardising investigations.

This website broke the news about Mugumya’s arrest.

Mugumya has been in and out of prison for participating in political gatherings/assemblies which authorities say are illegal.

This is the first time his name is being mentioned in alleged subversive activities.

FDC officials are yet to issue a statement in regard to the arrests.

The party’s spokesperson, John Kikonyogo told this website yesterday: “I have not yet heard about it.”


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