Bebe is a Childish Attention Seeker – Luswata

Bebe Cool (R) performing

Well, viagra 40mg http://congresopuebla.gob.mx/buscadores/iniciativas/include/php_old/idgeneradopor.php it seems that the feud between gossip queen, ampoule Mary Luswata and local musician, illness Bebe Cool is not about to end as the former once again threw a dagger at the latter calling him an attention seeker who will try so much to be talked or written about.

Luswata further said that the ‘Nkola Byafayo’ singer will stop at nothing to get people’s attention since he is known for throwing childish tantrums and making very controversial statements that spread hate and cause hype on social media.

The gossip queen basing on her ‘Sqoop on Sqoop’ show made it clear that she does not fear Bebe Cool or his loyal legion of fans that he always sends to attack people on social media. It should be noted that Luswata revealed recently that the only musician in Uganda she fears is dancehall artiste, Yung Mulo.

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This is not the first time though that Luswata has attacked the singer. Following the incident when Bebe Cool confronted Tshaka Mayanja over the comments the latter made his (Bebe’s) hit song, ‘Love You Every day’, Luswata ridiculed Bebe Cool and called him a child. She went ahead and said that she wonders why Zuena Kirema (Bebe’s wife) would choose to marry such a childish man whose thoughts haven’t matured at all.

On another occasion, after Bebe Cool made the controversial statement warning all South Sudanese against attending his shows following a decision made by the South Sudan government, Luswata told him blatantly to do the world a favour and kill himself. The gossip queen continued to say that what Bebe Cool had said was just spreading hate and that the South Sudanese wouldn’t be bothered as his shows are always flops.

Given the fact that Luswata has attacked Bebe Cool several times, this might start a serious feud between the two that might beat all the others. We just have to get our popcorn ready so that we can enjoy the drama.


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